Ayurvedic Treatment For Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease: 

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease / Kidney Failure Diseases) is a serious disease because current Allopathic medical science is no available drug to eliminate the disease they have two options first Dialysis and other is kidney transplant.  Over the past several years, getting progressively increase the number of patients with this disease. One in ten is a kidney disease. Diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, etc. An increasing number of diseases primarily responsible for it. 


What is Chronic Kidney Disease? 

This type of kidney moving kidneys process to be worse disease is very slow, which for months or years. Levels of serum Creatinine if gradually be increased is calculated from the blood tests of kidney function. eGFR test chronic kidney mild disease level called, can be classified as moderate or severe. Both patients after long-term kidney shrinks and becomes very small and stops working, which can not be cured by allopathic medicine, surgery or dialysis. CKD Allows formerly known as chronic kidney failure, but failure words hold a wrong. CKD Is in the early stages by kidney edit function to some extent and only stopped functioning kidney complete the final stage. Chronic kidney can be done by first stage proper medication for Disease patient and avoiding eating. What is end stage kidney (renal) disease (ESKD or ESRD)? Chronic kidney both kidney disease patients has slowly deteriorated. When the kidney is doing  more than 90 percent poor or close to work perfectly, then called End Stage Renal Disease. At this stage in spite of the right medicine and avoiding health is deteriorating are patient and NHS to save him always required to undergo regular dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Main cause of the Chronic kidney failure disease

Diabetes and high blood pressure kidney on can be many reasons for bringing permanent damage There are two major reasons of CKD. Two-thirds of patients are suffering from these two diseases. Despite the treatment of each type could also be both kidneys well, thus the kidneys are the main causes of disease:

  • Diabetes: you 30 to 40 percent of patients, or an average of every three patients with chronic kidney disease, it will be sorry to hear to deteriorate due to a patient’s kidney diabetes. Diabetes, chronic kidney disease is the most important and serious cause. So take complete control of the disease in each patient with diabetes is essential.
  • Hypertension:  30% of CKD patients are due to the treatment of hypertension. Prolonged blood pressure if the high, it may cause high pressure chronic kidney disease.
  • Chronic Glomerulonefraitis: Thus the swelling in kidneys of face and hands in the disease and both kidneys also gradually stop working.
  • Hereditary disease: Polycyst kidney disease.(PKD) This disease has become smaller and smaller number of bubbles in both kidneys. It is a common hereditary disease and illness CHD is also a major cause.
  • Calculus disease: Negligence in the treatment within a reasonable time of the barriers on either side stones in the urethra.
  • Prolonged Medicines:  Prolonged Medicines (eg Medicine, drugs consumed, etc.) harmful effects on the kidneys. 
  • Frequent infections of kidney and urinary tract in children: Congenital damage in children or interruption – (Vesico Ureteric Reflux, Posterior Urethral valve) and so on.

chronic kidney disease ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic Kidney Failure Disease

In Arogyadham we give Arogya Kidney Cure Kit for CKD patients which includes the following Medicines:-


This is best medicine recommended to a patient by our doctors. It contains extract based herbs mentioned in the Charak Samhita, useful  for repairing the damaged kidney tissue (nephrons). In addition to the above herbs it also contains precious minerals like pearl in large quantities due to which the medicines are very quick to act and start showing signs of improvement in the patient from the first dosage itself. However since it is very quick acting medicine, so it has to be taken for few months only after which the doses of medication goes on decreasing and gradually once the kidney tissue is repaired to the desirable extent, the patient can stop the usage of medicine.

Nephron detoxifying herbal decoctions based capsules. 

Nephron repairing herbal extract based tbs.    

Cell entry enhancement minerals like pearl. 


  • Herbal decoctions: These are tbs dried from herbal decoctions mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts for detoxification of body and hence for reducing the S.Creatinine and B.Urea levels and also increasing the HB . These increase the clearance of these in urine. 
  • Nephron repairing herbal extracts: Various herbs have been mentioned mentioned in the Charak Samhita, which are useful  for repairing the damaged kidney tissue (nephrons).  The extracts of these herbs shall be provided to your patient in tablet form.
  • Minerals: Minerals like pearl act like a catalyst and improve the entrance of medicine in the cells so that the speed of action of medicine becomes manifold which is very essential for quick improvement. 

We also add the medicines for increase the urination, reduces the protien loss, blood traces in urine and reduces the Creatinine level also. As stated in telephonically discussion please give us minimum 3 months because we have to repair the Nephrons of the kidneys and it will take minimun 3 months.

There is nothing more precious than life itself and we really thank God, the Almighty for blessing us with the ability to save the precious life of our patients, hence we would like to add that you shall always get sincere and genuine advise from our technical desk, true to the best of their knowledge and experience, whenever you approach us for any advice, irrespective of the fact whether you start treatment with us or not.






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