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Arogya Dham is a place of rejuvenation for anyone seeking a perfect balance between the well-being of body and mind. We provide a range of ayurvedic treatments which are carefully assessed and thoroughly examined. Our well-skilled and highly experienced ayurvedic doctors and therapists provide individualized and professional care.

As per Ayurveda, the absence of illness does not signify great health. True health strikes a balance between body and mind. The ayurvedic treatments offered at Arogya Dham medical center are entirely based on this notion. Hence, we strive to maintain every patient’s mental health and fitness while dealing  with physical illness.

The Ayurveda Concept of Treatments for Chronic Diseases

   Kidney Treatment

Our first step in Kidney treatment is to repair the damage renal tissues to the desirable extent. When a piece of Renal failure.


HIV Treatment

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is the virus that can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS, if not treated.


Diabetes Treatment

Are you looking for diabetes ayurvedic treatment in India? Diabetes is a serious complex disease. In this, a person’s blood sugar level rises abnormally.

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Skin Treatment

The months of July and August represents rainy season. According to Ayurveda, it is the time for pitta aggravation.

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Azoospermia Treatment

Azoospermia or nil sperm is the most severe form of male factor infertility where man has no sperm in his ejaculation.

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Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is a malignant cancer that starts from cells of breast and lump that formed in the breast.

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Six months ago, my father Keshav Arora from Gurugram suffered with high grade fever. We admit him to a hospital in the city where he admitted  for three weeks. The team of doctors notify us that he suffered with kidney failure problem and he advised us for dialysis. My father did not agree with it and not want to undergo dialysis. He wants to discharged immediately from the hospital. Someone advice us to take kidney failure treatment from AROGYA DHAM AYURVEDA, so we started treatment from that place and we see marvelous results. Before kidney failure treatment, his levels were; HB-6, S. creatinine-7.1 and blood urea 180. After two months of kidney failure treatment at AROGYA DHAM AYURVEDA and without dialysis, his reports are HB-8, S. creatinine-3.5, and blood urea 88. Now, he is feeling much better now.”

Manoj Sharma / Gurgoan

My cousin was a kidney patient. Her both kidneys were damaged and she was on dialysis twice in a month. we had wasted lots of money for allopathy treatment but there was no hope for recovery. we were very disappointed form allopathy treatment.One day I searched on internet and found AROGYA DHAM AYURVEDA and I had a conversation with their doctors. They told us about their ayurvedic Kidney failure treatment. we started thier herbal medicines. Within 15 days we were astonished to see the improvement in mycousin health. My cousin had taken ayurvedic medicines for the last 6 months Now she is living a healthy disease free life. We thank AROGYA DHAM AYURVEDA RESEARCH CENTER

Sagar / Nasik

My father was having renal kidney failure. As allopathic drs treatment was not possible without dialysis the only hope for us was Ayurveda. I searched on internet and found AROGYA DHAM AYURVEDA and conversed with them but I started medications from a local vaid. After 2 months my father’s condition deteriorated with multiple other side. Then again we contacted ndayurveda and took one months medication . We were not at all hopeful and thought negative all the time but we were surprised by the improvement in our father’s health. We are now continuing the medication for last 4 months and his condition has improved much. We all are very glad and really thank the team of AROGYA DHAM AYURVEDA.

V.M.Bhatnagar / Bangalore

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