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What is Heart Blockage or Heart Disease?

In Ayurveda Heart Blockage or Heart Disease is known as ( Hrudroga ). In the 18th Century it is very common disease in all developing countries. In India one (1) out of Five (5) person is effected with Heart blockage or Heart disease. This due to Changiing our life style, improper diet, low fiber diet and vegetables, increase the consumption of fast food and frozen food and stressful life style causes the (Dhamani Praticaya) thickening of arteries or (Dhamani Kathinaya) hardening of arteries resulting Heart Blockage or Heart Disease.

The fat deposition are increased after the age of 22 years and the cell deaths are increased after 42 years because after 42 years cholesterol levels, triglycerides increases to high level, over stress, short temper, etc will lead the Heart Blockage or Heart Disease gradually.

Symptoms of Heart Blockage or Heart Disease : Symptoms of Heart Blockage or Heart Disease are , breathing problem during running or speed walk, back pain, feeling uneasy during climbing heights, breathing problem during climbing steps/stairs, over weight, short temper, heaviness or pain in chest, etc. All of them are related to Heart Blockage or Heart Disease.
Suppose a person run smoothly without any breathing problem can be said healthy because our veins supply sufficient blood to our Heart, but if he suffer breathing issues, pain in back and heart, heaviness in chest it means he have 70-80 % blockage and heart is getting less the 30% of blood it requires because of veins blockage. If these symptoms arises in daily deeds then he have more than 90 % blockage.

Angiogram and Angioplasty

In Heart Blockage or Heart Disease the veins of heart gets blocked with unwanted fatty substances , commonly your physician will suggest you to go for Angioplasty or Angiogram . During the Angiogram the blood vessels to get scratched and get punctured by the wire inserted and it may even lead to Heart Attacks.Angiogram is usually done to find out where the block is situated to perform Angioplasty or bypass surgery.

How to Remove the Heart Blockage or Heart Disease

Hello, Myself Dr Ajay Sharma, an ayurvedic doctor with my team of doctors treats the patients who referred for heart transplantation, Angioplasty or bypass surgery. We received lot of calls from people asking the treatment for Heart Blockage or Heart Disease, most of the diagnosed with several blocks during angiogram.
Actually these heart blocks can be reduced by them self without any treatment. Today I would like to tell you some tips and things all about heart blocks, what is a block, how it form , what are the reasons for that, how it can be reduced etc.
Go for a Walk or jogging in morning and evening for 20 minutes. One who is comfort with walking and feels it easy, they should move to higher level and should run as much as he can. Try to increase speed in each days. Walk with holding weights of 1 kg or 2 in hands. This is to develop more collateral and make the heart muscles strong.
But unfortunately doctors creates fear in patients saying that the angioplasty or bye pass is the only option left, and in most cases the patients are forced to do that. Stents inserted in blood vessels may cause the formation of blood clotting or may be rejected due to being foreign object and eventually leads to restenosis.

Ayurvedic Treatment After Stents And Bypass Surgery

First of all we give advice to all of you to change the lifestyle, give some time to yourself, do yoga and exercises ,avoid stress, feel happy and fresh . Start the ayurvedic liquid medicine (Hridyaband) after the age of 40 years daily once in a day you will not be go for any type of Heart Blockage or Heart Disease through out you life. It is not necessary to start the medicine when the Heart Blockage or Heart Disease occurs start the initial treatment when you feel something wrong in your body like breathing problem, chest pain etc
Our medicine( Hridyaband) liquid which is very effective for people who are over weight, having breathing problem, heaviness in chest back pain , joint pain etc especially for the people who has not detected the Heart Blockage or Heart Disease but symptoms starts .
Patients came to our clinic they had severe heart attacks due to blockage , 3 to 4 stents inserted , even then they facing the issues of heart blockage. We advice the people that stents are not providing a permanent solution, even after inserting the stents , the patient need to take medicine lifelong and allopathic medicines has also many side effects. . These stents block. According to some research more than 36% stents which are metallic block with in a year. Medicine-Degradable stents blocks within one year in 33% patients. It means problem persists as it is.
If you already inserting stent or done bypass surgery. You need to know how to preserve these intact. You need to take our (Hridyaband cure Kit) which contains the ( hridyaband liquid , medicines and our herbal tea) . It will strength the heart muscles. The pumping will increase in 5 to 6 courses of medications. In one or two years, you will be having a healthy heart and have its own process to create a lot of collateral to get enough blood.