Metastatic Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment

metastatic cancer ayurvedic treatment

Metastatic cancer is a cancer that has spread from the body part where it started (the primary site) to other parts of the body. When cancer cells separate from a tumor. They can travel to other areas of the body through the circulatory system or the lymphatic system (which contains a collection of vessels that carry fluid and immune system cells). If cells travel through the lymphatic system and they may end up in nearby lymph nodes (small collections of bean size immune cells) or may spread to other organs. More often, tumor cells that separate from the main tumor cross the bloodstream. Once in the blood, they can go anywhere in the body. Many of these cells die, but some may settle in a new area, begin to grow and form new tumors. This spread of cancer in a new part of the body is called.

Cancer cells spread through the body in a series of steps

  1. Growing into nearby tissue
  2. Moving through the walls of blood vessels
  3. Traveling through the bloodstream and lymphatic system to other parts of the body
  4. Stopping in small blood vessels at a distant location, invading the blood vessel walls, and moving into the surrounding tissue
  5. Until tiny tumor forms, it growing simultaneously
  6. Causing new blood vessels to grow, which creates a blood supply that allows the tumor to continue growing

Symptoms of Metastatic Cancer

Metastatic cancer does not always cause symptoms. The size & location of the metastatic tumors and their nature or frequency will cause symptoms And  Some common signs of metastatic cancer include:

  • when cancer has spread to the bone it causes pain and fractures
  • cancer has spread to the brain it cause  headache, seizures, or dizziness
  • It spread to the lung it causes shortness of breath
  • spread to the liver, jaundice or swelling in the belly

ayurvedic metastatic cancer

Metastatic Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment

After surgery, chemotherapy the relapses are seen again, for stopping the relapses. we need to take Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment. Gene Mutations are the real cause of cancer. Ayurveda or natural medicine has always helped so many of cancer patients to fight this dreadful disorder handsomely.

The Metastatic cancer treatment in Ayurveda can be achieved by using techniques described in ancient alchemy texts called “Rasa Shastra”

metastatic cancer ayurvedic treatment

Use of combination of Silver, Gold and other minerals gives wonderful results in fighting cancers, no matter if the patient is on chemo or radiotherapy. The combination recommended by Metastatic Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment and is well researched by many Ayurvedic vaidyas and experts.