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ayurvedic HIV Treatment

According to Ancient Ayurveda, HIV/ AIDS disease is directly related to “Kshaya” or “Ojakshaya”, that means loss of energy.’Charaka Samhitha, Bhavaprakasha, Vaidyachintamani and Chakradatta’ etc. are one of the ancient ayurvedic tests that states symptoms and factors of AIDS. Shosha, another condition is related to AIDS as both results in loss of energy.

The disease is caused by the domain dosha kapha together with the other dosha tend to block the pathway for the flow of dhatus rasadi in their respective positions, resulting in deterioration of saptha dhatu Rasa (plasma), rakta (blood cells), muscle tissue mansa) , Meda (adipose tissue), Asthi (bone tissue), Majja (bone marrow) and Shukra (reproductive tissue). resulting in illness.
The main symptoms of AIDS/ HIV
It’s estimated up to 80% of people who have infected with HIV experience this flu-like illness.
raised temperature (fever), sore throat, body rash, tiredness, joint pain, muscle pain,swollen glands,
Hunger, allergies and bronchial disorders weight, weakness, fatigue and sensitivity idling, often intestinal, gastritis and detailed results leading to damage to the body’s loss of the ups and downs of the disease of the skin infection of serious damage in lung vegetation temperature T. Let’s sleep long fever etc.

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a) In order for the drug
b)Visiting the Centre and starting the treatment.
c) Line of Treatment

a)ORDERING FOR THE MEDICINE : All we can do is install only one center in India, the majority prefer not to get out of the system, they have to order / reliable courier services through medication speed post. Patients received by us are required by telephone e-mail and sent to the patient through medication speed post / reliable courier service.

b) VISITING THE CENTRE AND STARTING THE TREATMENT: This doctor believes that works best on patient because some patients prefer to visit our center before starting treatment with us. But patient treatment is not a benefit to visit our patients, however, we appreciate that it increases the patient’s confidence because it can be in the middle of the patient.

c) LINE OF TREATMENT: Initially, Rasayanas has been given and is working to stimulate the patient’s boosting exemption level and to strengthen the system tone. After gaining some strength, isolation (eliminated) enemas, Purjana and body technique is used to remove toxins by the origin of fasting. The medicines given at this stage plays a key role with the proper liver liver solution for purified blood, so patients can easily face more of them, so that stiff or rigid, but not soft. Many Immunomodulatory drugs and virus herbal combination patient have been used. The medicine recommends a strong food with ghee and preparation of soup. However, spicy oily and acidic food should be avoided. Search Results Asavams & Arishtams are recommended as a small self-fermented wine anupana (career) in Ayurveda to help in the digestive process, and also to remove blockages in the flow of Rasadi dhatus, that is, srothorodha. Patients are advised to exercise regularly Even if the patient’s weakness is unable to walk through the exercise, it is also recommended to do Para (Sweednanm). The reason behind this is shown in the essay Agastya essay for source and treatment Kshaya, in which in some cases the virus has been asked to weaken and also to finish the experiment, Sarangadhara is known by other as the holy Some of the herbo-mineral mixture aids have taken about significant results in improving the condition of patients. These medicines are good for patients with Rsyan and Vjikra effects. To keep away from the ‘Raktavardhak’ ‘Sukshma Triphla Tab’ change, to improve the quality of ‘Amritjeewan Rasayanam’ of Ayurvedic patients to create proprietary and injections of drugs.

Body protection The infected system with HIV virus – The immune system – which works hard to fight infection also increases the demand for energy in the body increases energy and nutrients also infections and fever. Once people get infected with HIV to meet this extra energy and nutrition needs to eat more. Such needs as the development of HIV / AIDS symptoms will also increase.

People Living With Hiv/Aids Have Increased Nutrient Needs

Vitamin and minerals are healthy, they can make sure that you maintain a healthy immune system to prevent skin, lungs and stomach and opportunistic infections. Vitamin A, Vitamin B are essential for such vitamin and vitamin B vitamins, vitamin B and vitamin B vitamins as healthy lungs and eggs.
Infections are the miracles such as increased diarrhea, vitamins, increased vitamin intensity in the body. Green, green, good such, yellow orange and red vegetables and fruits, spinach, cassava leaves, green, peppers, squash, carrots, Aeninet, yellow peach, Khuramani, PPI can usually be in the formula form. Vitamins are a red palm oil, yellow corn, orange and yellow sweet potato, eggs and liver.
Vitamin C is a good source of prevention and pressure, like the infection usually has eggs, vines, lemon and minarna nekals, mangoes, tomatoes and potato vitamins.
Vitamin E infection cells and protects the infection Vitamin E contains green leafy vegetables, vegetable oil, barley, peanuts and eggs in food
Exemption and Maintenance of Vitamin ‘B’ Group A healthy brain system is needed. However, you can eliminate body with the use of some drugs for the treatment of vitamin T. Good food sources include white beans, potatoes, meat, fish, chicken, watermelon, corn, grains, nuts, Avekado, broccoli and green leafy vegetables Are.
Iron. Many countries have iron-hardy-Problems with anemia, especially among women and children. Good iron resources are green leafy vegetables, seeds, whole grain products, dried fruits, obesity, millet, beans, alfalfa, red meat, chicken, liver, fish, seafood and eggs.
As it helps to activate the immune system, the regulation is an important mineral. Whole grain loaves are good sources such as dairy products, corn and millet and milk, yogurt and whole grains. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs and other protein-rich foods are also sources such as peanut butter, dried beans and nuts.
It is also important, including zinc immune system, including meat, fish, chicken, steam, whole grains, corn, beans, peanuts and milk and dairy products.