Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Failure

kidney failure treatment

  • K stands for Kidney tissue repair
  • E stands for Electrolyte imbalance management
  • U stands for Blood Urea level management
  • S stands for Serum Creatinine level management.


Our first step of treatment is to repair the damage of renal tissues to the desirable extent. When a piece of Renal failure. Creatinine and Blood Urea levels are generally raised from dangerous levels when kidney failure patient contact us. These levels are usually regularly rolling back to their normal levels with our Ayurvedic Kidney Failure Treatment. But it is also the fact that despite the level of our medicines being reduced Blood Urea & S Creatinine, this level can be temporarily recovered from its normal range, even with the help of dialysis, we have never made it as one of its main objectives. Therefore the most important objective to repair Nephrons and stop for further damages of Nephrons. This will permanently reduce the Blood Urea level and S Creatinine level.

The second stage treatment, the level of sodium, potassium, etc., to maintain the electrolyte level of the Kidney Patients. This level of power value is very important because there is a slight imbalance, which can endanger the life of the patient. Unknowingly, most patients are unaware of these levels and it is fatal to focus on the electrolyte imbalance results increases the Creatinine level in patients.  While maintaining the importance of electrolyte in the blood, we keep a regular check at our end and maintain the levels of the electrolyte with our Ayurvedic Medicines.

Our third step is to create a special maintain to restore the level of Blood Urea in the body. High level of Urea in the body will result in the very serious face like. loss of consciousness, loss of appetite, itching etc across many unwanted complications. Luckily our medicine is the fastest way to recover the first dose of urea and our doctor is to restore normal levels.

Our fourth step is to reduced and maintain the S Creatinine values of our patient’s to the normal level. S Creatinine is a marker that indicates toxic levels present in the body. So anyone reduces the S Creatinine is a clear indication that reduces the amount of toxicity from our body.  Usually the patients. Creatinine level reduces with our Ayurvedic Medicines within 15 days.


kidney failure treatment


Hypertension is the most common cause of kidney failure. Blood pressure control with the help of such Ayurvedic Antihypertensives e.g. Shankpushpi, Rudraksha, Ashwagandha, Flax seeds, etc., if the patient’s blood pressure is increases 120 for systolic value and 80 for diastolic value.

Hypertension is also controlled by Yoga and meditation, both are effective in lowering of hypertension thereby improve the lifestyle through mental relaxation and stress reduction. For management and control of the condition, Yoga & Naturopathy is a beneficial step.


Diabetes is another common cause of kidney failure. Generally, it begins to be normalized once the urinary bleeding of diabetes patients sugar falls that being seen. The reason is that failure due to urine is vaccinated with sugar release from the pancreas, the body has not been properly removed. As a result of this, the level of blood sugar in the blood increases the level of the patient’s level. So the patient is taken to reduce the blood glucose levels of the medicine diet. So we usually went to the herbal medicines with the recommendation we started to control their diabetes. The best part of taking herbal medicines for diabetes, which they are completely safe for the kidneys and they may include herbs, which improves Metabolism and therefore very beneficial for each cell Are. However, if the patient interested, they can take allopathic medicine also.


Allopathic Assistant Therapies can be continued with our treatment.
Generally renal failure / urinary failure patient is advised by Ayurvedic doctors not to consume the allopathic medicines with ayurvedic medicines  but we are continued the allopathic medicines with our ayurvedic medicines because patient is habitual for that medicines if we stop the allopathic medicine, patient can be critical so we decrease the dose of medicines slowly after one or two months of our treatment . Gradually the patient is better with our Kidney failure treatment Ayurvedic Medicine and these are no longer needed to be withdrawn.


Taking the goal to meet patient recovery, it does not matter whether which treatment system uses. According to our Ayurvedic experts, specialist allopathic, homeopathic experts, Greek experts, yoga specialists, nature cure specialists, Tibetan medicine experts, and our services, every panel requires. Working in collaboration with each other for full recovery of the patient.


Consider the Creatinine level our medicines are in the form of the capsule in which it contains a combination of different herbs and minerals, which repairs the nephrons and decreases the Blood Urea. There are also no any side effects have been reported using our medication. Our Ayurvedic medicines don’t have any kind of heavy metals.

Other impacts with CKD

What other impacted by kidney disease?

When the kidneys are not working properly, there may be other health problems that are related to CKD. A few related health issues may be as follow:


Anemia is a problem, which can also be caused by kidney disease. The less no.of red blood cell of the blood is called anemia. Healthy kidneys make bone marrow instructions to form blood red cells that are called a hormone Erythropoietin (EPO). Damaged kidneys can not do enough of the hormone. Symptoms of weaknesses and shots of EPO  can be recommended by your doctor.

Test for Anemia is Hemoglobin and hematocrit.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension):

There is a reason and the hyphenation of hypertension may be complicated. In addition to correct chemical and liquid balance, the kidneys called a hormone renin. Renin helps control blood pressure. Sometimes kidney disease can cause high blood pressure.


The kidney also controls the amount of acid in the body. CKD affected person can be very acid body situation, that is called acidosis and may cause many health problems.

Bone Disease:

kidney keep body calcium and phosphorus at the right level. CKD  can change the level of calcium bone; The transition is known as the urinary traumatic disease or urinates bone glands can have thinner bones and vomiting and can’t breathe easily.
Using phosphate medicines is often used to reduce the effect of high blood phosphorus in the bone. Vitamin ‘D’ may require the same or specific type of product. There is need to bind your phosphate to your iron pills.
Take an iron and phosphate tie with food on an empty stomach.


Change in diet and lifestyle:

When kidneys are not functioning properly, waste instead of being removed by the kidneys gets stored in the blood. That is why a person has to follow a special diet. Diet for a CKD patient needs some food changes. This may include limiting protein, carbohydrates, fat, fluid, sodium, potassium and phosphorous in person’s diet.

Patient must watch his/her calories. A dietician can help design a meal plan for a CKD patient.


Breakdown of protein results in the production of urea, a waste product. Urea is removed from the blood by kidneys and leaves your body in the form of urine. Too much protein in the diet makes the kidneys work harder and can cause more kidney damage so a proper balance is needed to keep your nutrition at best.


It is essential to eat the right amount of calories as these come from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and alcohol. It is very significant for a CKD person to get enough calories. To keep it under control your dietician and family play a significant role.


Carbohydrates are found in bread, cereals, rice, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, sugar, honey, cookies, cakes, sweets, and drinks. Again, follow the diet guidelines suggested by your dietician and doctor.


Fats include foods like meat, butter, and oils. Fats contain twice the calories as carbohydrates or proteins. So avoid fats as these contain cholesterol and high cholesterol can cause kidney damage and heart disease. So we recommend using polyunsaturated fats as they are far better than saturated fats.


In the beginning, there is not a fluid limit for CKD patients because the kidneys may still be able to purify blood and produce urine, although the urine may not have all the wastes that are in normal urine. The amount of urine may eventually decrease and then there may need to restrict the fluid intake.


Sodium is a mineral found naturally in almost all foods. The most common form of sodium is table salt. Excess sodium can cause high blood pressure and swelling.


Potassium is a mineral also found in many foods. As the CKS gets worse, too much potassium can cause serious damage. Here is the list of foods that are rich in potassium.
Bananas, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Beans, Chocolate, Nuts, Peaches, Oranges, Milk, Raisins etc.


With CKD, phosphorus may start to build up in blood. The foods that are rich in phosphorus are Milk, Chocolates, Beans, Cheese, and Nuts etc. Your doctor may prescribe a medicine called “phosphorus binder” to bind the extra phosphorus from food and removed in your bowel movements.

 Take Charge

The sooner you understand what it means to have CKD, the more likely you are to slow the disease and prevent problems. The basic goals of your health care team should be:

  • Identify the disease
  • Prepare you and help you understand the disease
  • Offer treatment
  • Educate you about the disease

We hope to answer many of your questions and provide you with more information about the hospice. Urge you to discuss your study with your doctor. The more you know about modesty, the chances are high enough to slow you down and help to prevent other problems. We hope our Kidney Failure Treatment services will definitely help you.