Albuminuria Ayurvedic Kidney Treatment:

albuminuria ayurvedic kidney treatment

What Is Albuminuria?

Albumin is a kind of protein which is normally found in the blood. As we know our body needs protein so it plays very important to build muscles, repair tissues and fright with infection. It is very important that albumin is present in blood not in urine. If your albumin is present in urine, its called albuminuria or proteinuria.

In other Words, It is a pathological condition in Albuminuria, which is in urine albumin. It is a type of proteinuria


Heavy white foam in urine.


A sample of a urine amount to measure the amount can be measured by collecting 24-hour urine protein by sktrpoling.


Kidneys do not usually have large questions in urine Chhante, so Albuminuria can be an indicator of kidney damage. This is a serious diabetes patient, especially there is 1 diabetes.

Causes of albuminuria can be discriminated between by the amount of protein excreted

  • The nephrotic syndrome usually results in the excretion of about 3.0 to 3.5 grams per 24 hours
  • Nephrotic syndrome results in far less albuminuria.
  • Microalbuminuria (between 30 and 300 mg/24h,[1] mg/l of urine[2] or µg/mg of creatinine[3]) can be a forerunner of diabetic nephropa66thy.

ayurvedic treatment for protein in urine


In Allopathy, proper cause, as well as cure of the disease, is not known and the line of treatment. It is the administration of various kinds of corticosteroids which temporarily decrease the excretion of protein in the urine and hold for a while, further complications associated with it. Immunosuppressive drugs are given to stop proteinuria in some patients, but once the treatments have ended proteinuria will continue. The drugs may sometimes damage the patient’s kidneys even more. Whereas in Ayurveda, we provide the albuminuria ayurvedic kidney treatment at the cause of the disease to treat the underlying cause and not just try to suppress the symptoms. Patients can have a remission after a period of steroid therapy. However, frequent relapse is a typical sign of Nephrotic Syndrome. So, there is no long term sustainable results and cure of Nephrotic Syndrome available in Allopathy.


  • Reduce Weight – if you are overweight
  • Take less amount of salt
  • Add onion and garlic as the majority of your food
  • eat more fish
  • Do exercise
  • eat fruits and vegetables