How eating unhealthy affect your liver?

liver cancer arogya

A healthy diet is responsible for keeping your body organs in good shape and health hence it is important to have a healthy diet. The liver is an important organ of the human body that digests the food we eat and if it is not functioning in a proper manner then many diseases can make […]

Is there any cure for HIV or Can HIV be cured

ayurvedic hiv treatment - arogyadhamhcc

HIV is an ailment that has no complete cure because the virus of this disease cannot be thrown out of the human body completely.  There are many cures that are made just to prevent this disease from getting severe inside your body. HIV virus directly attacks your immunity system hence the body becomes vulnerable to […]

Healthy diet for Diabetes patients and how to maintain your diabetes level.

Diabetes - Arogyadhamhcc

Diabetes are the most common Disease now a days. People don’t take care of the diabetes and when diabetes goes out of control then they suffer. Diabetes can be stop when come into your notice with these simple steps. Include these foods into your diet and you will notice the change in your Lifestyle as […]

Stevia extract – best substitute for sugar

Stevia extract - arogyadham

Sugar is a very important part of our daily life as we love to eat sweet things as the taste of sweetness gives us pleasure. People like to drink tea, coffee, eat candies, sweets and many more things that are sweet in taste. All these things increase the sugar level in our blood that is […]

One solution to control every problem – Herbal tea

Arogyadhamhcc herbal tea

Herbal tea is used from many years by people to replace the normal tea that has caffeine in it which is harmful to the human body. There are a number of different herbal tea types available to use that have different benefits altogether. Here we will discuss the benefits of herbal that simply make herbal […]

Reduce the side effect of chemo with Arogya curcumin extract

Curcumin Arogyadhamhcc

Cancer is a cure less disease but in a certain stage, it can be cured through chemotherapy. But the procedure of chemotherapy creates a lot of side effects on the human body. Chemotherapy can lower the work power of the heart and damage other tissue inside the body which creates further problems. Chemotherapy also leaves […]

Heart blockage Treatment in India


Heart diseases are very common in modern times as the lifestyle and diet of people are affected by various bad factors. The heart is the main organ of the body that supplies blood to all other parts of the body hence it is responsible for the body to work. In cases where the heart doesn’t […]

Prevent heart disease at any age


Prevent heart disease at any age The heart is the most important organ of the human body because it is the heart that pumps the blood to all parts of the body which enables the whole body to function. The heart is indirectly responsible for sending the nutrients to the whole body as the blood […]

HIV Cure 100% Ayurvedic Treatment


HIV Cure 100% Ayurvedic Treatment It is said that HIV has no cure, but in Ayurveda, there are many herbs and ayurvedic medicines available that can reduce the effects of HIV on the human body. Once a patient has HIV inside the body then it will never become cynical, but if the patient takes care […]

Kidney Stone- Problem, symptom, and treatment

kidney stone Arogyadhamhcc

Kidney Stone- Problem, symptom, and treatment The Kidney is a vital organ of the human body and if it stops working or its functioning fails due to some reason then a person can die.  The Kidney can have many diseases in which kidney stone is ubiquitous these days. It is due to the fact because […]

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