The Modern View

psoriasis cure in ayurveda

An un-infectious disease that burns eczema skin. It is characterized by large adherent silver scale as well-defined erythematous (red) plaques. The Basal Layer in psoriasis increases the excessive amount of skin skin in the abnormalities of skin. Severe itching can be combined with plaques fragments. Features of this dry skin condition and persistent scaling. Most of the population, 1% to 3% have eczema, it is very common in Europe and North America it is often between 15 to 40 years of age. The reason behind the eczema is unknown. Often a genetic tendency is 15% more likely to develop an affected parent-child’s disease and if it rises to 50% the parental effect. Streptokok can increase the major respiratory tract infection. Plays an important role in influencing the state of sunlight and the state of mental stress. Clorokwain, chlorpropamide, such lithium and Krayal can add to the situation of some drugs. Strange wounds and dust will be raised, silver will be red with white scaling. The size in diameter of some millimeters can be different by several centimeters. Generic site crepuscle elbow knees and lower back, nails are very common. POM participants are kept on part of the participation and nails, many sero-negative inflammation arthritis, which couples can develop is not extraordinary.

The Ayurvedic View

Many basic Ayurvedic texts are described as skin diseases, which are similar to psoriasis. According to this passage,

psoriasis ayurvedic treatment

The symptoms of psoriasis are caused by the devastation of wata and the low capacity poisonous system (guilty Ivseshon) that is unexpected (two basic energy / humors which keeps our body balance) are basic pathological changes. . The habit of food intake, the food that can not be eaten together, can consume (eg: dairy products with fish), activate overdose pathogenesis of yogurt, black gram, marine, sour and salty items and others . Alcohol and Tobacco consumption will work as a catalyst here. Ayurveda stresses the effects of stress in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.

Psoriasis Treatment

According to the psoriasis ayurvedic treatment , its aim is to eliminate toxins from the body’s poison or body fluid. The current program of various treatment aspects of Ayurveda, designed to control better eczema. Internal and outdoor medicines lodging include the origin of the plant included outside these schedule lines:

  • For the consumption of medicinal fuel, eczema and dosa type 7 days 5 to see.
  • Then Ditoksaijing, suffering from vomiting (Kandal) and Purjana (Virchana), dried lassi trim the whole body with overhead (Dhera) and medication and mud paste.
  • Besith (Awsdhikrit enema) having for 8 days and internal medicine like herbicides; At least 90 days must be consumed by Awsdhikrit Ghu.

Psoriasis Diet

Total psoriasis cure in Ayurveda duration should be done later, it is better to continue as a strict diet regime as vegan. Yogurt, black grams, pepper and salty cheese are banned. Refrigerated / cooling food is better to avoid psoriatic conditions should compote.