Mouth Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment


Mouth Cancer Also known as oral cancer, where the tumor develops on the surface of the tongue, mouth, lips or gums. HPV (human papillomavirus) is one of the groups of viruses that affect the skin and mouth. Over time, oral cancer may spread to other parts of the mouth, neck and head, and eventually to other parts of the body.

The reason for this – the smoke consumes more, tobacco, alcohol consumption


  • A sore in the mouth that does not heal quickly
  • Persistent lump or thickening in the cheek
  • Numbness of the tongue or in other areas of the mouth
  • Difficulty in moving the jaw or tongue.
  • Loosening of the teeth without any apparent reason or voice change
  • Painful chewing or swallowing
  • Unexplained bleeding in the mouth

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  • Mouth cancer occurs when cells on your lips or in your mouth develop changes which are called mutations. These mutations in their DNA allow cancer cells to continue growing and dividing when healthy cells would die.
  • The accumulating abnormal mouth cancer cells can form a tumor. With time they may spread inside the mouth and on to other areas of the head and neck or other parts of the body.
  • It is most commonly begin in the flat, thin cells these cells are squamous cells that line your lips and the inside of your mouth. Most oral cancers are squamous cell carcinomas.

It’s not clear what causes the mutations that change in squamous cells that lead to mouth cancer. But doctors have identified factors that may increase the risk of mouth cancer.

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Risk factors

Factors that can increase your risk of mouth cancer include:

  • Any kind of Tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars.
  • Chewing Tobacco and snuff
  • Heavy alcohol use
  • Extreme sun exposure to your lips
  • A sexually transmitted virus called human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Weak immune system

Mouth Cancer is a serious medical condition which requires doctoral care. Herbs such as Turmeric can help the healing process to some extent.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Mouth Cancer

Ayurvedic Medicine of Mouth Cancer, which can help in diminishing the intense amount of pain in patients experiencing radiation therapy for oral cancer.

ayurvedic treatment of mouth cancer

Other important Ayurvedic treatment for mouth cancer may entail the following:

  1. Lemon: A deficiency of vitamin C is diagnosed with oral cancer. Therefore, consuming fresh lemon juice, which is rich in vitamin C, around 3 to 4 times a day, is very helpful
  2. Carrots: Carrots are considered to be an anti-cancer nutrient. It is recommended for patients suffering from oral cancer since it is a source of antioxidants.
  3. Grape Seed: The seeds of the grapefruit are helpful  to destroy the radical cells. These radical cells damage the cells present in the mouth, thus causing oral cancer. The vitamin E, C and beta-carotene present in grapes strengthen the immunity system. The grapefruit is best for Tongue/Mouth cancer treatment in ayurveda.
  4. Bitter gourd: It is rich in alpha eleostearic acid, which helps in elimination of cancerous cells without affecting the normal ones.

Tongue/Mouth cancer treatment in Ayurveda that work as an effective alternate to conventional cancer treatment methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, radio therapy and allopathic medications.

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