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What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

Chronic kidney disease is also known as chronic renal failure and chronic kidney failure. This kidney failure disease results in the loss of kidney function. The kidney plays a very important role in our body. It is responsible for filtering waste from our body. In the stage of chronic kidney failure, there is a harmful toxic level built in our body which potentially harm other organs and their function in our body.

We cannot detect the chronic kidney disease in the early stage and after some time even patients realized that they may suffer from chronic kidney disease and at that time their kidney have damaged most probably 75% of their function.

In other words, chronic kidney disease is defined as the kidney damaged and decreased the kidney glomerular filtration rate which is less than 60, for 3 or more month. Chronic Kidney failure or chronic renal failure is divided into 1-5 stages and first 3 stages are known as the asymptotic and it usually discovered during the regular blood test.

 What did Ayurveda say about chronic kidney disease?

As per written in Ayurveda, the urine formation and its filtration happens in the kidney, but actually its happens in the intestine only. According to Ayurveda, Fire elements( Fires) helps to dissolve the formation and process of the urine and urine and filtration collects the waste from the urinary bodies. It is also called ‘Aan Vidya’ (toxin accumulated) in Ayurveda as an unwanted mass. Poor feeling of hunger, fatigue, next, more water and knightainin, urea, GFR Ikti.a.sik – this appears in the form of ‘or’ ‘pfing around exotic value. Depending on the various factors, filtration can cause damage to different levels of equipment.

What is Chronic Kidney disease in Modern science?

A recurring fall in the kidney function of long kidney disease (Shalagha), which is referred to as the year-classic development. There are many reasons and the nephron (kidneys) are the leading unit results and serious acne of function. This lack of Urine Nefronon institutional and work hypertrophy (development) Urine fluid. After all, these changes are lacking, the results of avoiding nephrons of sclerosis (darker) and are progressing with the kidney disease (kidney failure) are finished. Dialysis (artificial filtering to avoid this level) or a kidney organs is needed. To prepare a guideline for each phase, is diagnosed in five stages for the treatment of kidney disease and kidney disease.

Who is at risk of getting CKD?

Heritebl is more prone to getting a disease of kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune disease, age history, past episode family history of severe kidney disease.

ayurvedic management of chronic kidney disease,

Ayurvedic treatment for Chronic kidney disease

We give ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney failure for the various types of cases where the patient suffering from the patient was diagnosed with severe kidney disease or diabetes, blood pressure and on it. Shalagah, just as a part of some other major diseases of SLE, Ankilojing spondylitis, Sclerodma, Ikti.a.sik in some patients. If the patient has started dialysis, then the chances of recovery are very good. We tend to focus on the growth of metabolism ‘or’ (poison). It is the growth fire that characterizes those drugs using. According to Brberis Arstata patient’s disease and the body of the Constitution, these drugs are processed further. After the review of the patient’s digestive condition (fire), there are prescription drugs with some diet and lifestyle changes. Initially, the medicine has been prescribed for 21 days, we reviewed the situation and changed the medication accordingly. Whoever is a drug and patient when they are facing the same situation, also does not have different changes. In some complicated cases patients should be admitted to ours.

Dietary changes

Metabolism has been advised to help our patients in the process of making some dietary changes that we digest food that long to digest away, such as yogurt, lentils, dairy, non-vegetarian, sweet and processed food. Will recommend. They should be processed with papaya, khachari (porridge), porridge, thin butter milk, vegetarian soup, drink Berbers / cumin seeds. To avoid the possibility of drinking excess drinking water, when any thirst is the means.

Lifestyle changes

  • The latest water shock is sometimes advisable in the kidney..
  • Vjrasana (Thunderbolt Posey) is good after a meal.
  • Day to Avoid Sleep.
  • Dinner should be very light soup.