Ayurvedic Treatment For Leucoderma

ayurvedic treatment for leucoderma

 What Is Leucoderma?

 Ayurvedic Leucoderma Treatment is common treatment for leucoderma. Leucoderma is a kind of skin problem.  It is the continuous loss of skin color, called melanin, from layers of the skin. White patches happen everywhere throughout the body including face, scalp and private parts.


Over the top pressure or stress, interminable gastric issues or disgraceful liver capacities, unnecessary utilization of inverse sustenance things (e.g. drain and fish together), worms/parasites in the stomach related framework, consumes and wounds and heredity might be in charge of causing leucoderma.

leucoderma ayurvedic treatment


  • White patches (de-pigmentation) on skin
  • Untimely turning gray of scalp hair, eyelashes

Leucoderma Ayurvedic Treatment

As indicated by Ayurveda, Leucoderma is caused because of the exacerbation of Pitta Dosha. Pitta is an Ayurvedic humor which symbolizes warmth or fire, and is showed in the skin. Exasperated Pitta prompts collection of ama (poisons) in profound layers of the skin, prompting the state of Leucoderma.

Pitta is of five sorts; one of them is Bhrajak Pitta that offers shading to skin. On account of Leucoderma, Bhrajak Pitta is in an imbalanced state, and in this way, the skin begins losing its shading and white patches show up. Alongside Pitta Dosha, more profound body tissues like Rasa Dhatu (supplement plasma), Rakta (blood), Mansa (muscles), Lasika (lymph) are additionally associated with the infection.

Treatment comprises of assuaging imbalanced body energies, purifying the blood and administrating herbs that reestablish skin shading. Poor processing is the underlying driver of this infection, as it causes the development of poisons in the tissues. A basic piece of treatment, accordingly, is reestablishing processing. The patient will likewise be prompted on the right eating regimen and way of life acclimations to anticipate repeat of the confusion.

ayurvedic herbal medicine for leucoderma

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • Increment utilization of vegetables that are unpleasant in taste, similar to drumsticks and intense gourd.
  • Avoid hard to process nourishments, sharp taste, over the top salt, curd, fish, jaggery and sesame seeds.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from utilization of inverse nourishments, for example, fish and drain together.
  • Have sound and satisfactory rest day by day.
  • Don’t over-open yourself to inordinate icy or warmth conditions.

Home Remedies

  • Make a glue of Bakuchi (Psoralea Corylifolia) and coconut oil and apply over the white fixes and open it to early sunrays (morning daylight) for 15 minutes.
  •  Take around 500 gm of turmeric and 8 liters of water, bubble until the point when it psychologists to a liter. Presently, channel the arrangement and include around 500 ml of mustard oil. Apply this blend two times every day on the leucoderma patches. Splash 50 gm of tamarind seeds in water for 3-4 days, at that point let them dry out well and granulate them to a glue. Blend the powder with water to a glue and apply it to influenced zones day by day, until the patches vanish.
  • Blend turmeric powder well with mustard oil and apply remotely on the patches.
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