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How HIV treatment works

HIV is a virus that causes a disease named AIDS which is an illness that affects the immunity system of the human body. So basically in HIV treatment, medicines are given to improve the immune system and also antibiotics are used in order to prevent infections and virus attacks. With the HIV virus attack, the […]

Is there any cure for HIV or Can HIV be cured

HIV is an ailment that has no complete cure because the virus of this disease cannot be thrown out of the human body completely.  There are many cures that are made just to prevent this disease from getting severe inside your body. HIV virus directly attacks your immunity system hence the body becomes vulnerable to […]

HIV Cure 100% Ayurvedic Treatment

HIV Cure 100% Ayurvedic Treatment It is said that HIV has no cure, but in Ayurveda, there are many herbs and ayurvedic medicines available that can reduce the effects of HIV on the human body. Once a patient has HIV inside the body then it will never become cynical, but if the patient takes care […]

HIV & AIDS: Causes, Treatment, Diet

What Is HIV? HIV is the meaning of human immunodeficiency virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) means a virus that destroys the human immune system. The human body has special arrangements for protection against diseases. White cells found in the blood which called White Blood Corpuscles or WBC these are important to prevent diseases, except these many […]