Diabetes can kill you (effect of diabetes on your body)

Diabetes is a common disease as a large number of people facing this disease but doesn’t know about the fact that they are suffering from diabetes.

Form of Diabetes

Diabetes is divided into two forms, one is type 1 diabetes and the other one is type 2 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes that is an autoimmune response of the human body that increases the blood sugar level to a certain higher level that it can kill a person.

Type 2 diabetes is based on low production of insulin. Where insulin is required to throw the excess sugar out of the blood. Both these illnesses required diabetes treatment on time because in initial stages it can be controlled easily. But once it is beyond the curable stage then it is harder to even control the bad symptoms of this disease. Type 2 diabetes treatment is very crucial because this type of diabetes kills a great number of people every year.

Mellitus Diabetes

There is another sort of diabetes that is called diabetes mellitus in which the human body is not capable of using sugar as energy. In diabetes mellitus, the insulin produced by the pancreas doesn’t use the sugar that you get from food for energy. Hence the sugar blends in blood and results in severe types of diabetes. In the initial stages, diabetes mellitus treatment is given to the patients so that they don’t develop other types of diabetes.

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease as the blood sugar level is increased to such level that it starts harming your heart and other organs of your body. People should keep checking for blood sugar level and if find any signs then they should go for type 1 diabetes treatment immediately. Diabetes kills a large portion of the population and still, a large number of people are affected by this disease.

Can diabetes be cured ?

The question is always raised that can diabetes be cured because there is no promising cure for it but certainly effective ones are available. Because diabetes directly harms your heart so you can say that it can easily kill you. Diabetes harms your kidney, liver, heart and other body parts that are important for healthy living style. Hence you should go for diabetes diagnosis soon so that you could be able to find any sort of diabetes-related problem that is in the initial process.

People who go for a checkup can find that they are at an early stage where their blood sugar level is high but not in the range to be called diabetes. This stage is called prediabetes and this is the best chance for you to prevent yourself from developing dangerous diseases named diabetes. You can go for prediabetes treatment in which you can control the blood sugar level very easily and without following any strict diet or medications. Ayurveda has herbs that are completely capable of reducing and controlling the blood sugar level without any side effects. It also has the medicines to treat both types of diabetes to a certain level that you can live a normal life then.

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