Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a deadly cancer, which begins in the chest cell and has a lump in the chest. In the lobules of cancer cell cells and other tissues, the chest begins in the cell, but the system can travel to other organs of the body. Due to the shape and shape of the shape of chest mutation, it is obesity, physical exercise, lack of alcohol consumption and primarily the hereditary cause may be the reason for many reasons. To detect mammography chest cancer by lip biopsy or test
Common Symptoms: – The next pain, the redness of the skin, it can sometimes be applied to the nipples of the blood, the breast needs.

Our unique combination of herbal and dietary recommendations is quite effective and beneficial recovery for the patient.

Herbal Extracts

Charaka Samity, Ckrdharm, Ayurveda Shashrt brings cancer mentioned herbs in the code. In ancient Ayurvedic texts, spiritual directions have been collected keeping nests in mind, collected and processed in the form of reports, it is easy to consume neutral and quick acting and complementary supplements to properly preserve the element.

Our standardized extract based herbal medications shall, primarily contain the following herbs:

  • Manjistha
  • Daruharidra
  • Kachner
  • Haridra
  • Bamboo
  • Musali
  • Amalaki
  • Hareetaki
  • Baheeda
  • Wheat leaves
  • etc.


Different minerals are body which is known to increase the activity of its nest in the growth of the jump and hence the nesting speed. In addition to immune to the mineral body, it is known to improve the body to prevent harmful cells useful to distinguish between cell and body to prevent the beneficial to cell cells.

Some of the metallic preparations recommendable in your patient will be:

  • Shilajeet
  • Pearl
  • Coral compound
  • Gorochan
  • etc.


Treatment of several types because of their large success in the times of use of gold, slivr, tin and other metals are used as their Onommetikl compounds. Due to its ‘Hukkari’ effect is the best part of using metal combinations. This is by Ashukari means that something is working very fast and very helpful, which is to spread the disease quickly works to prepare the first diet of the metal. There is a property in the selection of cells that have all kinds of metals that are cancerous. That is, they do not damage the general ancillary cell (chemotherapy, both cells delivering equally) damage.

Some of the metallic preparations recommendable in your patient will be:

  • Swarna Wasant malti Rasam
  • Ratnakar Rasam
  • Rajat Bhasma
  • Tapyaadi loham brihat (with silver)
  • Wyadi haran Rasam
  • Brihat watt chintamani rasam
  • etc.

Ayurvedic Aspect of Carcinoma

As far as ayurveda is concerned, it believes in the doctorine of Dhatus. The dhatus are seven in number:

  • Rasa Dhatu( Lymph)
  • Rakat Dhatu (Blood)
  • Masam dhatu (Skin and Muscles)
  • Meda Dhatu (Body fat)
  • Aasti Dhatu (Bone)
  • Majja Dhatu ( Bone Marrow)
  • Shukra Dhatu
  • etc.

It is assumed that when we take food daily, we do not take the daily second act of dhatu therefore the alliance is in all donors.

One dhatu is connected to the next dhatu by micro channels known as srotasam

Now when a person develops cancer, it is the problem that arises in the next round and ends. It is due to the fact that an additional type of dyed to grow micro-channel is due to the addition of cell second dhatu and nutrition last dhatu.

Now for curing this condition, one has to work on two levels:

a) Clean DTU (to prevent the formation of cells and cleaning process to accumulate cancer cells before inhibiting misty, excessive cell division and cancer growth working on pure cells)

b)  Dyke block the micro-channel, so as pure as providing only the necessary nutrition. Once purified, it is possible that the cancer cell can slowly take back the withdrawal, excessive flow of unwanted nutrients on the body cancer site that could be deprived of essential nutrition stopped Is.

Below Mentioned is our module of treatment which we follow in each cancer patient:

The body does not have the ability to convert it into the cells in the body on the cancer cell and every cell cancer at the same time. Traditional Indian medicine, Ayurvedic system, which transforms the cancer cell into a normal cell, is associated with a unique approach to the growth of the cancer cell in the human body. However, when this system is upset, the body makes it more susceptible to the development of different types of cancer

  • Disturbance in Homeostasis -Primary Factor
  • Harmful Immunomodulations – Secondary Factor
  • Doshic types of Cancer and Diversification
  • Diversification of Cancer by Doshic Location
  • Conclusion

Ayurveda, Karka Code, Sutranath Due to a primary factor manipulation Homostesis is the cause of the disease in the first chapter 1, 57, vata, pitta and kapha (dosha) that describes three defective bodies.


Defect can be clearly explained in the form of chemistry. As soon as we have tested various parameters such as HB, TLC, bilirubin, modern standards, the three major groups of ancestors had added three chemicals: – Wayyu Group of Chemistry (Vta) – Flop Group of Chemistry (Flop) – Unexpected group of chemicals (unexpected)

According to the Ayurvedic principles of three defects (maintaining a stable balance in science, ie, when the body remains at its proper level they are responsible for carrying out all the activities of the body and encouraging good health) And Homostasis retained

Disability to maintain body homostasis is a primary indicator of poor health because the animal can not adapt to internal or external stimuli. The answer to this is the health indicator of the lack of work responses to the inability, internal and external encouragement. This results in lesser responses or an inappropriate immune response (auto-immune) or less immune response results (inadequate or under immune response was gone), the first base side of the first factor contributing to the contribution of the normal cell to cancer cells Tridosha mess in level sense.


It can be one, any two or three of them completely imbalanced which form the very base of this disease.

Additionally, in Ayurvedic thought the concept of ingested matter (liquid or solid) that is absorbed into the circulation which contributes to the impairment of normal homeostasis. The Ayurvedic term for this non-assimilated / non-eliminated matter which is circulating with the blood isaama.


The theory states that the accumulation of this non-digested matter prevents correct dosha function or homeostasis. This Aam can accumulate at various places in the body causing disease at the corresponding sites.This accumulation process is slow and allows for non-digested matter to be deposited at any location of the organism by the circulatory system.

Given the above conclusion the result of limited or inhibited homeostasis would be an internal environment conducive to the growth of cancer cells. In a normal homeostasis the normal cells would never had changed into cancer cells and cancer cells would not be allowed to propagate due to the inherent capacity of homeostasis to adapt and adjust to variant factors. Once this capacity is compromised cancer cells are no longer held in check and proliferation is possible. This process is accelerated by the physical presence of non-digested matter as it further reduces communication between systems and functions of the organism.

Harmful Immunomodulations Secondary Factor

Ayurveda says the ability to respond to physical and mental stress factors is related to the strength of the person’s underlying. In Ayurveda this concept has been depicted by Bala Shabad. There are two types of Bala, which are built and developed. The idea of ​​power in the bullet has been modified by lifestyle and old age.

Other primary ideas to support the fundamental element in the secretive strength of Ayurvedic thought. This concept, ojas, results in a pure form mainly on a cellular level, cellular nutrients that feed the food to correct the metabolism and purify in various systems and enzymes.

Ras ——> Rakatam ——> Masam ——> Medam ——> Aasti ——> Majja——> Shukram ——> Oojam (Immune system is a part of Oojam/Ojas)

This indication is that oz is also created and there are two types of developed. This theory is called Australia’s Yoga Primary Power, Bala, as well as support the primary structure of the collaboration with the support of cellular development and function. There is no direct relationship with modern science and the same concept in the body. Better lifestyle cellular nutrition can be modified by aging and aging.

Once the right method is not being made to Dtton body, or once more Dustti is more likely to handle common at places that have more contact with a Dustti channel even more it is made for further development Is. And the growth of cancer cells

At the same time, the ozone, which was taken to check growth or cancer cell, lack of food intake by the cancer cell. Due to the low level ozone, the immune system is not able to start on the cancer cell.

Doshic types of Cancer and Diversification

According to Ayurveda pathologies are caused by dosha. The subsequent development of symptom manifestation follows the traits and attributes of the causal dosha. Cancer, like other diseases difficult to treat, is often considered to be a disease of all three doshas together. In Ayurveda this is reflected as a derangement of all three dosha.i.e. a derangement in many kinds of body chemicals at the same time.

In spite of the concept of multiple management problems of homeostasis, Ayurveda generally considers pathology as originating from one of the three doshas.


This is useful in both diagnosis and treatment as it becomes possible to identify the disruption of homeostasis. Once the functional aspect of system communication can be identified, individualized treatment modularity can be developed and implemented.

Given this schematic of dosha involvement we can judge, according to Ayurveda, the difficultly in treating the cancer. For example, the involvement of all three dosha would indicate a very difficult or impossible pathology to cure. Two of the doshas involved would indicate a difficult case of cancer to cure, but with greatly improved chances of success intreatment. One dosha alone as the sole cause and manifesting pathology would be, for cancer, possible to cure, or at least treatable to some degree. Thus, the number of dosha involved in the pathology directly decreases the likelihood of success in treatment. aspect would relate to Vatadosha the intelligent principle of homeostasis that controls communication, movement and coordination. Cancer that is metabolic, enzymatic, and evolves at a moderate rate would relate to Pitta dosha the intelligent principle of homeostasis that controls metabolism and transformation. Cancer that is slow to evolve, manifests as tumors or as congestive disorders would relate to Kaphadosha the intelligent principle of homeostasis that controls lubrication and structure. Cancer that incorporates two or three of the above indications demonstrates the number of doshas involved in the pathology. According to Ayurveda the greater number of combined dosha symptoms the greater the difficulty in diagnosis and treatment. 4. Diversification ofCancer by Doshic Location Since Doshas can be compared to body chemicals, so as in the body a particular body chemical is in abundance at a particular site, e.g. Bile is accumulated in the liver so liver is the organ for this body chcemical. Similar for Vata, Pitta and Kapha group of chemicals, there are proper sites in the body where these chemicals are in abundance. According to Ayurveda Vatadosha controls the functions at the following locations : colon, urinary bladder, bones, lungs, skin, ears, brain. According to Ayurveda Pitta dosha controls the functions at the following locations : small intestine, liver, gall bladder, heart, pancreas, blood (hemoglobin), endocrine glands, uterus, stomach, sweat glands, skin, eyes, brain. According to Ayurveda Kaphadosha controls the functions at the following locations : lungs, stomach, pancreas, testicles, ovaries, lymphatic tissue (including mammary tissue), kidneys, blood (plasma), sweat glands, skin, mouth and throat, bone marrow, brain. Hence cancers related to these organs can be checked for the vitiation of Vata,Pitta or Kapha. 5. Conclusion The cancer as per Ayurveda can be concluded as a result of the following process: a) Vitiation of Doshas (Vatta, Pitta and Kapha)

b) Formation of AAm
c) Srotodushti (Disturbance of microcirculation of the body)
d) OjaKshayam (Decreased immunity due to various factors)
e) Decreased Aagni.

According to Ayurveda Dosha conference is planned we can be difficult to treat cancer. For example, there was a very difficult and sensitive disease to treat the involvement of all three doshas. The two defects involved are a difficult case to treat cancer, but there is the possibility of significantly improving the center success. Only alone is a defect and due to the symptoms appearing in the disease, it will be able to treat cancer, or under treatment of something less. Therefore, the number of defects such as deformation reduces the chances of improving cure. Size wise principles are Vatadosha Homiostasis, which are related to communication, movement and coordination. Cancer continues to grow at metabolism, enzymatic, and a moderate rate, related to flaw fault

In any case we would like to add that irrespective of the fact where the patient is getting treated for this ailment, you can always approach us for advise and we shall always try to provide the best guidelines true to the best of our knowledge.