Blood Cancer

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 What Is Blood Cancer?

Our blood is made up of different types of cell-like red blood cell for contains oxygen, platelets for helping blood clot and white   blood cell for fighting against infection. They originally come from stem cells, which mainly is the root of blood cancer. Blood   Cancer affects the productivity of blood cells as its name shows. It mainly starts from the bone marrow which integrally controls   the  productivity of blood. Due to the blood cancer, the growth of blood cell will be disturbed.

 Types Of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer mainly of three types:

  1.  Leukemia
  2.  Lymphoma
  3.  Myeloma


  1.  Due to the family background
  2.  Aging Effect
  3.  Infection
  4.  Weak Immunity


  1.  Weakness, Fatigue
  2.  Weight Loss
  3.  Problem in taking breath
  4.  Bleeding Gums
  5.  Sweating of body
  6.  Vomiting Sensations
  7.  Headache


  1.  Chemo Therapy: This therapy is used to describe against cancer-killing drugs. It is used to cure the cancer, shrink the  cancer, prevent the cancer for spreading, relieves the symptoms that causes cancer.
  2.  Biological Radiations: The radiations that uses high-powered x-rays, particles or radioactive seeds to kill cancer cells. It  helps prevent the cancer cells back after surgery or from the chemo therapy. It treats cancers that cannot be removed with  surgery.
  3.  Bone Marrow Transplantation: Bone Marrow is the soft tissue inside your bones. It manages the productivity of blood   cells in body. This transplant is used to replace the destroyed and damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem   cells.

 Blood Cancer Treatment in India with Ayurveda at Arogyadham: We provide a blood cancer treatment at our Arogyadham by   using ayurvedic medicines. We provide Ayurveda medicine which has best results that cures blood cancer. The medicines are     given below:

  1. Arogya Briddhivadika Bati
  2. Arogya Karak Dhara
  3. Arogya Kaya Kalap Yog
  4. Arogya Kanchnar Tablets
  • Arogya Briddhavadika Bati: The Ayurveda medicine that quickly relilef in Hydocele, Tumors and Lymph nodes. According to the Ayurveda, this is Rasa Aushadhi which is mainly ingredients by the Shodhana, Mardana (Grinding), Swedana (vapourising), Galana (Straining Fluids).
  • Arogya Karak Dhara: In Karak Dhara, the main ingredients is Curcumin Extract which has the property to cure cancer. A number of laboratories have studied on cancer cells have shown that curcumin does have anticancer effects. It has the best results on breast cancer, liver cancer, mouth cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer.
  • Arogya Kaya Kalap Yog: Arogya Kaya Kalapyog has extra power to detoxifies your blood and cures skin ailments. It helps re-generate skin pigmentation, remove swelling on cancer organs and detoxified the whole body. It stops the growth of cancer cells.
  • Arogya Kanchnar Tablets: Kanchnar is an perfect anti-oxidants. It is well known for anti-cancer medicines. It is well-known thyroid stimulants. It has execellent healing properties found in Kanchnar Guggal, well known for curing diseases.