AIDS – Ayurvedic Perspective

ayurvedic aids disease

AIDS/ HIV AYURVEDIC PERSPECTIVE: According to Ayurveda, AIDS/ HIV may be correlated with ‘Kshaya’ or “Ojakshaya’ that means loss of energy.  Symptoms and causal factors and the treatment of these are mentioned in many ancient Ayurvedic tests such as Charaka Samhitha, Bhavaprakasha, Vaidyachintamani and Chakradatta etc. Shosha is another condition, resulting from a loss of energy similar to Aids. The disease is caused by the domain dosha kapha together with the other dosha tend to block the pathway for the flow of dhatus rasadi in their respective positions, resulting in deterioration of saptha dhatu Rasa (plasma), rakta (blood cells), muscle tissue mansa) , Meda (adipose tissue), Asthi (bone tissue), Majja (bone marrow) and Shukra (reproductive tissue).

The main symptoms are leading appetite to loss of tea, allergies and bronchial disorders, weight loss, severe damage to fatigue and idling sensitivity, often diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis and widespread downside down result from infections of the skin infectious diseases for the intestinal lung Sleep long fever, body temperature, etc.