Benefits of Curcumin In Cancer

Extensive research is being conducted in many laboratories across the globe on the anti-cancer properties of turmeric. Being a powerful anti-oxidant, turmeric can protect cells from getting damaged. Turmeric is now being used as a complementary ayurvedic therapy with conventional cancer treatment

As per the latest studies on the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and if this could help with the prevention and treatment of cancer. Ayurveda believe that the active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin is a well-known antioxidant and thus help in fighting free radicals which cause cell damage.

Research proves that Turmeric and curcumin have natural anti-cancer, chemo-preventive, radioprotective, chemoprotective properties. Turmeric is helpful in various ways while treating cancer. Turmeric anti-oxidant property also help in the prevention of cancer.

Turmeric kills cancer cells

One of the Main reason why turmeric is becoming cherished as a health aid is due to its anti-cancer property. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric or Haldi, has been widely researched upon for its anti-cancer effect. The exact cause of cancer has not been identified but it is thought of as a disturbance in cell signaling pathways that gradually affects proteins that regulate cell life and activity.

Due to these disturbance of cells to be immortal and hyperproliferative and thus cancer spreads throughout the body.

A study published in Biofactors, 2013 states that curcumin’s anti-cancer action is a result of inhibition of cell signaling pathways at multiple levels. A recent study published in Molecules 2015 identifies various targets that curcumin acts on to exert anti-cancer effect and these include

  • Transcription factors (they control the expression of genes)
  • Growth factors
  • Inflammatory proteins
  •  Cancer-causing molecules
  • Various proteins involved in regulation of cell cycle and cell death

This multi-faceted action of curcumin makes it a novel anti-cancer agent that holds promise for future treatment options in cancer.

Dose of Curcumin

The dose of curcumin starts from 3 gm per day and goes to 6 gm per day.

Works as a chemopreventive agent Chemoprevention involves administration of various agents that prevent potential premalignant cells from developing into cancer.

It is curbing cancer in initial stages and terminating it. Turmeric or Haldi and curcumin not only kill fully developed cancerous cells but also work as chemopreventive agents. Researchers identify inhibition of nuclear factor-kappa B by curcumin as the principal mechanism behind its chemopreventive action.

Nuclear factor kappa B is the master target behind inflammatory processes and also plays a vital role in cell development. Apart from that Haldi have identified multiple molecular targets such as activation of tumor suppressor genes, activation of cell death genes etc. that curcumin acts upon to prevent cancer.

A scientific paper published in Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention states that dietary turmeric reduces the risk of cancer. Now that is a pretty powerful statement who has a genetic history of developing cancer.

Curcuminoids has anti-viral property and ability to prevent activation of cancer-causing genes helps terminate HPV infection . As per the study where oral supplementation with turmeric extract prevented and reversed  the development of cervical cancer .

Curcumin is also identified as a potential chemopreventive agent in breast and colon cancer. The dose of curcumin starts from 3 gm per day and goes to 6 gm per day.  Turmeric or Haldi and curcumin can also help prevent cancer by reducing growth of premalignant cells. Dietary turmeric reduces the risk of cancer.

Prevents metastasis

Metastasis is known as spread of cancer throughout the body. Cancer cells separated from the primary origin and travel via the blood and lymphnodes. They fight the attacks by the immune system and accumulate in various organs initiating cancer in those regions. Metastasis is the primary cause of morbidity in cancer. On the basis of Researchers curcumin can help prevent metastasis and this is a profound revelation in cancer treatment.

Its ability to interact with various proteins and regulate their activity helps in preventing proliferation and invasion of cancerous cells. It inhibits angiogenesis or formation of new blood vessels in tumors that halts their growth. Experimental studies have identified curcumin’s ability to prevent metastasis in breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

A clinical trial was conducted to find a dose of curcumin in metastatic breast cancer is start from 3 gms per day with alternative ayurvedic medicines

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