Kidney Stone- Problem, symptom, and treatment

Kidney Stone- Problem, symptom, and treatment

The Kidney is a vital organ of the human body and if it stops working or its functioning fails due to some reason then a person can die.  The Kidney can have many diseases in which kidney stone is ubiquitous these days. It is due to the fact because sometimes Kidney is unable to remove waste from blood and urine and that waste forms up as a kidney stone inside your Kidney. This is quite a painful disease in which the patient has to face immense pain at times, and there could be wounds inside your Kidney.

Problems due to Kidney

A kidney stone can block urine vessels. Causing a lot of pain along with damaging the blood vessels of the Kidney. A patient would feel pain while removing the waste out of his body through urine. The patient will feel in the abdomen parts where the Kidney resides inside the body at the place of stone. Fever, pain, and Nausea are some of the problems that have to be faced by the patient. Sometimes there could be blood in urine and vomiting is also a common problem that a kidney stone patient faces.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Problems and symptoms of kidney stone are almost the same because these are the problems that have to be faced. These are the signs of having a kidney stone. You will feel pain while urinating and in some cases, you will see blood in the urine. This is the main symptom of having kidney stone as kidney stone leaves wounds inside your Kidney that leads to bleeding. Lower back pain and abdomen pain can be felt at sharp rates. And that unbearable pain has given you the signs that you might be suffering from the kidney stone. When kidney stone is the place at that time kidney doesn’t function in a proper manner which leads to least waste thrown out of your body. This brings more threats to your health.

Treatment of Kidney Stone

Once you get to know that you have a kidney stone. Then you have to take many precautions and treatment includes various things in it. First of all to know if there is the stone in your Kidney you have to go through specific tests that include a urine test, blood test, CT scan, and X-rays. Then you can go for surgery in which kidney stone is removed out of your Kidney through the operation. There is another method that is safer from the previous one. That is laser based operation in which laser is used to break the stone and then pull out the broken pieces of your body.

One more method is shock wave lithotripsy in which like laser therapy the stone is broken into pieces and pulled out. Another way which is called ureteroscopy and in this method stone is removed through a tube. All these methods are used under local anesthesia to make it safer. There are many Ayurvedic medicines available that can easily remove the Kidney without any operation. You can go for Ayurveda Kidney stone treatment.

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