Kidney Stone-signs- Causes- Treatment


A kidney stone is a piece of material occurs in the urinary tact. A small stone may pass without causing symptoms. If a stone grows to more than 5 millimeters it can blockage of the ureter resulting in severe pain in the lower back or abdomen.


A stone may also result in blood in the urine, vomiting or painful urination.

ayurvedic kidney stone treatment

It typically comes in waves lasting 20 to 60 minutes caused by peristaltic contractions of the ureter as it attempts to expel the stone.

Pain in lower left quadrant can sometimes be confused with diverticulitis because the sigmoid colon overlaps the ureter & the exact location of the close proximity of these two structures.


Stones are commonly found in individuals who can’t drink water. The leading of kidney stones causes is a lack of water in the body.

When there is not enough water to dilute the urine acid, a component of urine becomes more acidic.


Kidney stones are more common among males than females most people who experience. Kidney stones do so between 30 to 50 years. The kidney stone occurrence increases the risk that a person will develop subsequent stones in the future if preventative action is not taken.


Ayurvedic kidney stone treatment proves to be very effective and the patient starts showing signs of improvement right from the very first two week.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones are:-

Chanderprabha vati: 2 tabs 3times in a day

Shiva vati: 2 tabs with sharbat Bajuri 2 times in a day

Swaran Basant malti Ras: 2 tabs 2 times in a day

Sarvotobhadar vati: 1 tab with varunadi kwath 2 times a day

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