Hepatitis B Treatment

What Is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is an infectious STD (sexually transmitted disorder). It far due to the HBV virus (hepatitis b virus) and is spread by means of touch with inflamed blood and some different body fluids. You get hepatitis b with the aid of, Here are the causes:

  • Unprotected sex with an inflamed man or woman (unprotected intercourse approach without the use of a condom) the usage of a syringe that changed into formerly utilized by an infected character (maximum typically takes place with people who inject steroids and typically drug addicts).
  • Having your skin pierce with unsterilized needles, as is probably the case when getting a tattoo. Those who work in healthcare threat becoming infected via accident on this manner. Sharing private items, along with a toothbrush or razor, with an infected man or woman.
  • A toddler can turn out to be inflamed via his mom’s milk if she is contaminated by the virus.
  • Bitten a person who is infected.
  • By sharing eating utensils or by holding hands.

hepatitis b treatment


The growth period for hepatitis b virus (HBV) is 30-a hundred and eighty days (common, about 75 days). Patients start having certain symptoms, characterized by means of the sluggish onset of anorexia, malaise, yellowish skin and fatigue. For the duration of this section, because the liver will become infected, liver enzymes begin to increase, and the affected person may additionally revel in proper higher quadrant pain. Approximately 15% of patients increase an contamination resembling serum sickness.

Because the virus reaches to the icteric section, the liver will become gentle, and jaundice develops. Sufferers can also be aware that their urine darkens. Other signs on this stage consist of nausea, vomiting, and pruritus.

hepatitis b medicine

From this point on, consulting a doctor can be highly variable. In allopathy treatment of hepatitis B, they give high doses of medicines to recover the liver but there are many side effects if those medicines arise later on. As Ayurvedic treatment of Hepatitis B, there are no side effects of the medicines. The Hepatitis B herbal treatment is purely safe and best treatment of Hepatitis B. In India death % from Hepatitis B goes to increases day by day because of improper awareness of treatment.

Hepatitis B Treatment

Treatment of Hepatitis B depends upon the activity of the HBV (Hepatitis B Virus). There are certain vaccines available to get if you are not exposed to the virus. If the symptoms are acute then consultation with a doctor is needed. Hepatitis B medicine stops the virus without any liver damage. If virus remains untreated patient may need a liver transplant. But not everyone is good candidate for liver transplant

hepatitis b treatment

Ayurvedic treatment for Hepatitis B

Ayurveda is the earliest health care system. As a long way as analysis and liver diseases treatments are concerned, Ayurveda usually bear in mind the equality of three biological things – Vata, pitta and kapha that play a huge role in pathogenesis and in the treatment of all the sicknesses. In Ayurveda, the liver is referred to as yakrit and is defined as one of the main organs of the human frame. Pitta is the most significant thing of the liver and its infection is called ykridashotha (viral hepatitis). Incorrect weight loss plan and pitta stressful elements are the foremost reasons of hepatitis. Immoderate bile manufacturing or a blockage inside the float of bile usually demonstrates excessive pitta, which in flip influences the agni or enzyme activities accountable for absorption, digestion and metabolism and giving upward push to hepatitis, cirrhosis and blubbery liver. Kaamala is the huge time period referred to in Ayurveda to depict the extensive variety of liver diseases including hepatitis.


We are providing an extraordinarily powerful remedy for diverse kind hepatitis. Our remedy is beneficial in controlling the infection & replication of the virus, stopping similarly harm to liver. Our remedy involves shamana chikitsa (palliative researched ayurvedic drugs) and kayakalpa (rejuvenation).

Mainly we introduce the Hepatitis B Treatment Cure Kit for Hepatitis B infected Persons. This is a Purely Herbal treatment for hepatitis B.  Main aim of this kit is to eliminate the Hepatitis B virus from the body and remove the virus from DNA. Once virus removed from DNA, the person got negative (-ive) in all tests of Hepatitis B.

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