Renal Dysplasia


This is a condition that causes kidney lesions during the development of the fetus. Unable to fully develop the kidney, therefore, the effect on the normal function of the kidney .. It is usually smaller than usual, and some cells that are like a bag full of fluids may be united Or Biltalar’s birth can be immediately risen immediately after birth after the birth of the kidney related disorder. It has some symptoms that can be picked up in an age-old child. To know is always possible that the kidney Displasia, however, does not cause its genetic. Jean Both parents told the child and find out the characteristics of children. Sometimes, parents can change the genes that were changed and the BDVO displasia can cause kidneys. Genetic Syndrome that affects many body systems, it can also cause the kidney Displasia. . Due to the kidney Displashia, a genetic syndrome can also cause a child to have other parts of the digestive system, the nervous system, heart and blood, muscles and spleen, or urinary tract. Children can contract to contract affected kidneys, reduce kidney and blood loss can reduce their ability to filter. The kidney damage and kidney disease (shaggha) and kidney failure and kidney cancer can also happen.


  • In a growing baby in the womb of the kidney Displasia is a condition.
  • Kidney Displasia usually affects only one kidney, so he is unable to work.
  • Many people live healthy, normal life with only one working kidney.
  • Both kidneys can not survive the urine dysplasia effect on the outside of the womb. If the baby is born, initial dialysis and kidney sowing will be needed.
  • The mother causes the specific drugs can be exposed. The kidneys Displasia her motherland.
  • Kidneys can cause genetic dysplasia and often share many genetic properties, which affect the body to other systems.
  • Only one child with kidney and adult working should be regularly made to damage the kidneys due to high blood pressure and the child.


We Ayurvedic medicine to treat the whole problem. In some cases, micro-cycle increases with our kidney Displashia showed good results in patients. Since each of our body cells nourishes through microcirculation, after capillaries, micro capillaries and then spread to the cell membrane through the process of osmosis.
Now, due to the inflammatory conditions inflammation, the micro-phagedine has been shown, causing and causing the resulting problems of nutritious damage to a special organ or body tissue cell. Therefore, our Srhusodk drugs influenced for capturing drugs, which attempts to restore the micro-circling in the special room.
Our medicines and herbs and kidney function are slow to fall in the rate of metal disclosure, which is usually seen unilateralized kidney patients, which can affect displashia is the slow development of the disease more common kidneys. Is.


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