A garsankyikiy disorder in which the kidneys are damaged, causing blood proteins [1] (at least 3.5 grams of 2% of body surface area of ​​1.73 m per proteinuria) [2] Large of urine Amount is leakage. Nefrootik syndrome in podosaits are small holes which is sufficient to allow Haipolebuminimia in proteinuria (and later because proteins have gone into some urine blood urine), but not sufficient to affect the Gurdaon (no Hemturia). On the contrary, at Inheretik Syndrome, passed through RBC Paros, which causes Hemturia. According to Nefkyucr, Often, Nefrootik Syndrome has its primary disease, which is defined by the kidney filter system. In some cases Agyathit.


  • This is Prototitiaaria (> 3.5 Gigat per day signaling), Hapolobiminmia, Haipripipeedia and hepatitis, which is common and it is also known as Aniska or ZEP. 6 years from 2 babies, starting from the face of common hives, Lipiduria (fat in urine), but Diagnosis Nefrootik Syndrome is not required. Hypnotermia Haiprlipidimia with Two Sources of Lower Fractal Erosion:
  • Haipoprotinemia stimulates protein synthesis in the liver, resulting in high yield of lipoprotein.
  • Low levels of lipoprotein lipase, fat apcyta decreases due to the inclusion of lipoprotein main digestive tract.

A few other characteristics seen in nephrotic syndrome are:

  • Serum hypoalbuminemia is another common symbol of the body in other liquids. The lower serum decreases liquid accumulation in the tissue due to oncotik pressure. The perception of sodium and water is the hives of hives. It can take many forms:
  • Funki around the eye, especially in the morning..
  • Put the hives on the foot.
  • Pleural Guhon of excess fluid More fluid pleural flow is usually pulmonary edema.
  • Due to the liquid in the shell Peritoniyl ascites.
  • Commonly known body as Adija.
  • There are normotens but all patients may have high blood pressure (rarely).
  • Anemia (iron resistant Maikrosaitik Haipopromorik type) can be present due to the loss of Tronsfirin.
  • Dayaframic compression may be present with plumarium effusion or Sitait Dispnei.
  • Increased fibrinogen and other plasma content increased the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation.
  • Some patients may know Feno or Mutrmapi urine, by reducing surface stress by severe proteinuria. Hematuria or Oliguriya complain of real urine such as unusual, but it is usually seen in nefratik syndrome.
  • May have features of the underlying cause, such as the rash associated with systemic lupus erythematosus, or the neuropathy associated with diabetes.
  • Examination should also exclude other causes of gross edema—especially the cardiovascular and hepatic system.


Nefratik Ayurveda is the preferred treatment system for Cortekosteroid Syndrome because it is in an allopathic treatment, it is therefore a large amount of body that can have many side effects.

Ayurveda believes that the wandering father in this situation is faulty in the body and it is used for the treatment of different flops, simple drugs.

Some of these medications include:

  • Chandanasavam
  • Chandaanaadi Wati

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  • Reduce the amount of daily sodium in 1000-2000 mg. Such as salt, yogurt, soup, food, seasonal mix (garlic salt, Aduov season salt, etc.), such as salt, turkey, ham, salt and table, and vegetables for salami, food, food, fast food Salty food on Crude, and a salad dressing service per serving, compare the sodium mg to the calorie label. Sodium should be low in calories or less.
  • High protein animals Eat a typical amount of food: 3-5 pounds of food (preferably meat, fish and twice the amount of chicken).
  • Avoid saturated fat, egg yolk and chicken skin such as cutting butter, cheese, fried food, fatty red meat.
  • Increase the intake of unsaturated fat such as olive oil, canola oil, peanut butter, okseedos, fish and nuts. Low fat meat in meat.
  • Increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables, potassium or phosphorus restriction is not necessary.
  • The Dravman on the liquid monitor and the amount for which all liquids and room temperature food are. Nephrotic syndrome fluid management, very accurate, especially during severe fall.