Mouth Cancer

Is also known as mouth cancer, where the tumor tongue, growth on the mouth, the surface of the lips and gums. HPV’s skin and mouth affecting virus (one of the human papilloma virus groups). Over time, the cancerous mouth of the mouth, the neck and other parts of the head and the body may eventually spread to other parts.

The reason for this – the smoke consumes more, tobacco, alcohol consumption

Symptoms brood, blood in the mouth in the red / white patch, pain (in any area of ​​face, mouth or neck), weight loss, change in sound, bad breath

Test ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CT scan.

Our unique ayurvedic combinations and dietary recommendations are quite effective and provide desirable recovery in afflicted patients.

Herbal Extracts

Anticancer Charaka Samity, Chakradatam, Shushurat combination nests are described in Ayurvedic code. In ancient Ayurvedic texts, spiritual directions have been collected keeping nests in mind, collected and processed in the form of reports, it is easy to consume neutral and quick acting and complementary supplements to properly preserve the element.

Our standardized extract based herbal medications shall, primarily contain the following herbs:

  • Manjistha
  • Daruharidra
  • Kachner
  • Haridra
  • Bamboo
  • Musali
  • Amalaki
  • Hareetaki
  • Baheeda
  • Wheat leaves
  • etc.


Different minerals are body which is known to increase the activity of its nest in the growth of the jump and hence the nesting speed. In addition to immune to the mineral body, it is known to improve the body to prevent harmful cells useful to distinguish between cell and body to prevent the beneficial to cell cells.

Some of the metallic preparations recommendable in your patient will be:

  • Shilajeet
  • Pearl
  • Coral compound
  • Gorochan
  • etc.


Treatment of several types because of their large success in the times of use of gold, slivr, tin and other metals are used as their Onommetikl compounds. Due to its ‘Hukkari’ effect is the best part of using metal combinations. This is by Ashukari means that something is working very fast and very helpful, which is to spread the disease quickly works to prepare the first diet of the metal. There is a property in the selection of cells that have all kinds of metals that are cancerous. That is, they do not damage the general ancillary cell (chemotherapy, both cells delivering equally) damage.

Some of the metallic preparations recommendable in your patient will be:

  • Swarna Wasant malti Rasam
  • Ratnakar Rasam
  • Rajat Bhasma
  • Tapyaadi loham brihat (with silver)
  • Wyadi haran Rasam
  • Brihat watt chintamani rasam
  • etc.

Ayurvedic Aspect of Carcinoma

As far as ayurveda is concerned, it believes in the doctorine of Dhatus. The dhatus are seven in number:

  • Rasa Dhatu( Lymph)
  • Rakat Dhatu (Blood)
  • Masam dhatu (Skin and Muscles)
  • Meda Dhatu (Body fat)
  • Aasti Dhatu (Bone)
  • Majja Dhatu ( Bone Marrow)
  • Shukra Dhatu
  • etc.

It is assumed that when we take food daily, we do not take the daily second act of Dhatu therefore the alliance is in all donors.

By micro-channel as a metal Sorosm added to Dhatu.

Now when a person develops cancer, it is the problem that arises in the next round and ends. It is due to the fact that an additional type of dyed to grow micro-channel is due to the addition of cell second Dthu and nutrition last Dhatu.

Now for curing this condition, one has to work on two levels:

a) Creating accounts (working on cell is large to prevent cell division, and cancer prevention cell and cell inspection process increases the amount of cancer deposited)

b) to prevent pure micro-channel metal vigarana, which can only be used to provide adequate nutrition. When it is clear that a lot of the cancer element, which are deprived of cancer cells essential nutrition, has been replaced by unwanted nutrition, gradually the body removed gradually.

Below Mentioned is our module of treatment which we follow in each cancer patient:

And at the same time the ability to transfer the cancer cell body, the cancer cell, the cells in each body. Traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, is one of the ways that the development of cancer in the human body prevents the conversion of a normal cell into the cough cancer cell. But when this method is upset, it is likely to develop different types of body cancer.

  • Disturbance in Homeostasis -Primary Factor
  • Harmful Immunomodulations – Secondary Factor
  • Doshic types of Cancer and Diversification
  • Diversification of Cancer by Doshic Location
  • Conclusion

Honiosataisisa are due to the attitude of all the diseases of the primary factor conflict, Karakamita, Sutarasathana, chapter 1, 57, the body is written in three phases, support, father and grace (tridosa) Ayurveda.


Dosa Body can be explained in more fine chemicals. We have questioned the different parameters in the modern world aicabi, tiailasi, bilirubin, etc. The last three chemicals are involved in these chemicals: – Paita Group of Chemistry (Father) – Group by Chemicals (Helsinki) – Kappa Chemistry Group (Good)

(For such responsible in the physical body to take out the normal process of the body at the appropriate level in three phases, and to promote good health as you are responsible for maintaining a stable balance of Ayurvedic principles ) And maintain homaosataisesa.

To maintain homiosataisisa is a primary sensory disability of health because of the internal or external satamuliam of life can not adapt. Responding to disability means the process of internal and external promotion of lack of health activates. These poor responses or inappropriate immune responses (auto-immune) or (resulting in a transcriptive response to responding to incorrectly reproduction pratirodhita). Factors have been confused in the first level of the first base taridosa towards sterilizing the normal cell in the cancer cell for taransapinasana.


It can be one, any two or three of them completely imbalanced which form the very base of this disease.

Additionally, in Ayurvedic thought the concept of ingested matter (liquid or solid) that is absorbed into the circulation which contributes to the impairment of normal homeostasis. The Ayurvedic term for this non-assimilated / non-eliminated matter which is circulating with the blood isaama.


The theory seems to be that the faultless functioning of non-digestible substances together is Homostasis. This can cause diseases on the site infected at different places of the normal body. Together the process allows slow and non-digestible matter through circulation system to collect at any place of the organism.

Given the report above limited or restricted reports of Homostasis will be an internal environment to cognize the growth of cancer cells. Common cells in a common homostasis will be converted into cancer cells and Caras Cells will not be allowed to advertise the cause of the ability to adapt and adapt to the customizable Homostesis. Once potential collaboration of cell phones is not kept in the check and the spreading is possible. This process is due to the physical presence of non-digestible foods that are fast because it is less communication between organisms and work organisms.

Harmful Immunomodules Secondary Factor

Ayurveda says the ability to respond to physical and mental stress factors is related to the strength of the person’s underlying. In Ayurveda this concept has been depicted by Bala Shabad. There are two types of Bala, which are built and developed. The idea of ​​power in the bullet has been modified by lifestyle and old age.

Other primary ideas to support the fundamental element in the secretive strength of Ayurvedic thought. This concept, ojas, is the best cellular nutrition that is a form of data on a cellular level, mainly eating correct metabolism and resulting refining systems and digestive function.

Ras ——> Rakatam ——> Masam ——> Medam ——> Aasti ——> Majja——> Shukram ——> Oojam (Immune system is a part of Oojam/Ojas)

It has been reported that there are already two types of Australia, which are developed internally. The biological structure of primary, as well as commenting on the value of Ojasa is said to support cellular growth rate and support the process. There is no direct connection with modern science science and this type of body approach. Pure cellular nutrition can be modified by lifestyle and old age.

Once a wicked one is not made properly with a metal on a metal Dutasa or the second moon, it is more difficult to collect that your place is Emma metal, which will further develop it. And the growth of cancer cells

At the same time, at the same time, ozone cancer has gone to check the cell growth, which is mainly used by the cancer cell. Onjh, the immune system, the cancer can not detect rapid cell and is not able to be at the development stage.

Instead, it is becoming a low-nourishment Ojhs Cell, a bad cycle, and less nutrition than cancer, they have the ability to fight to lower this cell growth.

Doshic types of Cancer and Diversification

Speech is faulty and symptoms due to post-development development due to fault are according to Ayurvedic tragedy qualities. Cancer is difficult to withstand, such as other diseases, is often considered a disease of all three doshas. In Ayurveda all three doshas in a variety of body chemicals at the same time it reflected in the collapse of a barrage.

Multiple Management Problems Despite the concept of homostesis, Ayurveda is generally believed to be due to distraction due to one of the three doshas.


It is possible to identify the disorders of the disease and both treat it because it is Homostesis. Once the system can identify the functioning of communication, individual treatment Modulriti can be developed and implemented.

According to Ayurveda Dosha conference is planned we can be difficult to treat cancer. For example, there was a very difficult and sensitive disease to treat the involvement of all three doshas. The two defects involved are a difficult case to treat cancer, but there is the possibility of significantly improving the center success. Only alone is a defect and due to the symptoms appearing in the disease, it will be able to treat cancer, or under treatment of something less. Therefore, the number of defects such as deformation reduces the chances of improving cure. Size wise principles are Vatadosha Homiostasis, which are related to communication, movement and coordination. The cancer that develops enzymes, enzymatic, and a moderate rate, blaming.Oh explains that the intelligent principle is Homostasis, which conducts metabolism and changes. The development of cancer is slow to develop, or that the intelligent principle Homostasis lubrication and structure control appears as Knjvestiv disorders related to Kphadosh. Two or three of the above mentioned signs include cancer, they show the number of defects involved in the disease. According to Ayurveda, more and more difficult to treat diagnosis and a greater number of symptoms of joint Dosha. 4. Doskik Because of cancer defects by the situation defect, the body of chemistry can be compared, so the chemical body is a particular body, filled with a particular site, for example. Bile is stored in the liver, because the liver has body parts to the liver. Vta, the same sudden group of flopes and chemists, are suitable places in the body where one of these chemicals is in abundance. According to Ayurveda, Vatadosha controls the function in the following places: colon, bladder base, bone, lungs, skin, ear, brain. According to Ayurvedic father Dosha work in places under control: small intestine, liver, gall bladder, heart, pancreas, blood (hemoglobin), vascular glands, cervix, stomach, sweat glands, skin, eyes, brain. Work in the following places according to Ayurveda Kphadosh control: including the lungs, stomach, pancreas, testosterone, ovary, lsikayukt tissue (tissue), kidneys, blood (plasma), sweating glands, skin, mouth and throat, bone marrow, brain. Therefore it can be discussed, beaten or abruptly related to the fat related to Wart organ Wata. 5. Conclusion Under the Ayurvedic Cancer, it can be concluded as the result of the following work:

a) Vitiation of Doshas (Vatta, Pitta and Kapha)

b) Formation of AAm
c) Srotodushti (Disturbance of microcirculation of the body)
d) OjaKshayam (Decreased immunity due to various factors)
e) Decreased Aagni.

The outcome of Ayurvedic disease offers the possibility of developing the treatment modality by the person in the form of factors. Karnkar factor will be a lifestyle of those defects due to the habit of eating, diet, drugs, environmental chemicals or psychosomatic due to the secondary effect of the paper that are not fixed in this paper. Possible reasons for the infringement of infringement of infringement. If the reason for the identification should be removed, and the Homostasis installed homeostasis again because the factors that identify the body’s innate power prevail the immune response by treating appearing on a normal level should be installed (Bala) will be helpful. If your power will be helpful enough, therefore cellular work communication and support on best cellular nutrition removal (OZ) will be helpful. The enzyme activity (fire) that exists in all cellular functions, then rage to remove any non-digestible substances (which were collected by the time) and were stored in the tissues through the transmission system. This joint activity will increase, the cancer cell suppression system will result in the reduction in cancer cells and their publicity, so make the basis for the treatment of cancer in Ayurveda. .

Regardless of any cases we have to add that the patient is being treated with the disease, you always want to advise you you can contact us and we always have the best of your knowledge Will try to complete the instructions.