Kidney Stones / Renal Calculi

The mineral food in urine is known as kidney stones, kidney stones, a solid Krkrishn or formed stone crystalline (Latin children, “kidneys” and calculus, “stones”). The bladder are classified by stone, usually (Nefolithisis), urine (Ureterolithiasis), their location or bladder (Cystolithiasis), or their chemical composition kidneys (calcium, struvite, uric acid, or other mixtures). Kidney stones are an important source of stone, 80% of kidney stones, while some women present for women for the first time, people are the age of the first episode of the experience between the ages of 30-40 years.

Kidney stone body usually passes the urine flow, and many stones are passed without the formation of stones and symptoms. If the size of stone is large enough (usually less than 3 mm (0.12 inches)), then it can cause urinary obstruction. Because of this there is a disease that has stomach Pshccharya Ajhotemia and Haidronfrosis (Rendl lumbar and dispersion and spread of Kailis), as well as ureter, pain, concentration (ribose and small areas), stomach between the hips and zero (the kidney is closed The box was felt). In the brain, vomiting, fever, blood urine, urinary trauma and kidney abdominal pain every minute and minus walking, which is either under the party or under and usually starts at 20-60 or lowering the neck or prolificity Is there. Kidney stones are based on history, physical examination, diuretic, and radiography. Ultrasound can help diagnose a test and a blood test.


Related Mutrwahi or identification stone Gurdedar, stomach, side chin or genital area, which is to prevent pain and to spread from thighs. It is usually the movement of 20-60 minutes that the Mutrovhi deficit lasts from attempts to remove stone due to this Peristletik. Urinary tract infection, system and gastrointestinal tract, pain gonna radiation common inurolithasis’, as well as fertile fetus between nausea and vomiting are also known. Postrren can be seen in the urinary flow through both one or two ureters after Ajhotemia and Haidronfrosis intervention.


The threat is that low-liquid diet, and animal protein, sodium, refined sugars, fructose and high fructose corn syrup increased, including ozlet, grape juice, leaves apple juice and consumes a diet high in consumption Eat them.


In the treatment of kidney stones age herbal remedies are very limited and the results are really good. Removing a stone which depends on very fast stone size and stone size and painful Ayurvedic Yoga

The following time periods have been calculated as per our experience:

 Below 5 mm  10 days
 Below 10 mm  1 month
 Below 15 mm  2 months
 Below 20 mm  3 months
 Above 20mm  6 months

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