Ayurvedic View


Ayurveda is known as diabetes (which means honey is honey and Mehha “urine”). Medhuhiha Wataj Meha is classified as Meha (Vta or air problem due to stimulation of the air). Vata is an Ayurvedic humor, symbol of air and happiness. The body drop is a feature that reveals Vata’s damage. The maximum drop of Dhats (body tissue) is the type of disease and the cause that diabetes affects all essential organs. Diabetes is one of the main causes of digestive disorders. Digestive leads to the collection of vulnerable special digestion, which is stored in pancreatic cells and is low in insulin production.

Ayurvedic diabetes is not considered as a disease whose treatment can be done only by medication or diet. It is not treated at the time if Mdhumaha is classified as a common illness (Major Disease), it can cause eye problems, joint pain, vulnerability, kidney failure, sexual and urological problems and There may be many complications of the body including more. Diabetes is an enzyme and it can not control the level of diabetes. Ayurveda treatment recommended – According to modern medicine – the body has not only tried to balance the body level with diabetes, but there is no other complication to make sure.

This disease is based on a good change in the lifestyle of the Ayurvedic treatment person. Along with medicine and diet, the patient has also been given a healthy lifestyle and advice to lead a live life. Feed and tissue of the body and the body changes in lifestyle, which produces the right insulin. Drugs in Ayurveda are also the brain to keep their proper function to emphasize the mental aspect of the disease.