The infection is one of the most common causes of staphylococcus bacteria and Streptococcus bacteria Selyulaitis. When a break in the skin, bacterial skin can cause infection. In the infected area will be similar symptoms to red skin, hot, rude and painful Visharpa, is explained in Ayurvedic classics.


  • Fever
  • Affected area pain is soft
  • The skin rashes are as large as infection or inflammation
  • Skin or rash, which suddenly starts and grows rapidly in the first 24 hours
  • Narrow, shiny, stretched skin appearance is “
  • Warm skin in redness area

Signs of infection:

  • Chills or shaking
  • Fatigue
  • General ill feeling
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Warm skin
  • Sweating

Ayurvedic View of Cellulitis

In Ayurveda, can be with more Selyulaitis Visrpa. This tissue disease under the skin and the skin. It is a special type of skin disease and it has very fast spread like a snake, so she said Visharpa is skin and inflammation of the tissue with this disease fever properties.

Cellulitis – Causes & Symptoms

Ayurveda believes that there are all faults of the disease and the main event, which is the reason for the deviation of father Doshaon. But joining the pathogenesis of blood, skin and muscle.

There is a lot of symptoms of the disease, which is very strange when it is in the early stages and in the light, the skin is thick enough, and the red and the small Chhalian skin show in red. They can also make ulcers on the skin. Slowly, the redness can spread to the body and the skin in it may be subject to tissue.

Patients sleep, sick and thirst, diarrhea and fever can also be found. Sometimes shaking swells can be controlled rapidly and if the treatment affects, so sore, air pipe and sometimes odd. These can be catastrophic consequences.

According to doshas, this has been divided into various categories:

  1. Pitha type – High fever, thirst, nausea and vomiting are seen. The inflamed skin becomes reddish, bluish or blackish in color.
  2. Kapha type – Fever , drowsiness, loss of appetite, heaviness and vomiting are symptoms. The inflamed skin has whitish pale color.
  3. Vatha type – The inflamed skin becomes very dry with many scratches and is blackish in color. There is severe pain and also burning sensation on the skin.
  4. Kardama visarpa (Kapha – Pitha) – The affected skin has red swellings and boils or eruptions which are yellowish in color. It is also very painful.
  5. Agni visarpa (Vatha – Pitha) – In this the toxins are in blood, which produce boils on the skin. These boils look very similar to burns. The condition is also coupled with high fever.
  6. Granthi visarpa (Kapha – Vatha) – Different types of glandular swelling appear on the skin and is accompanied by severe pain. The patient suffers from cough and fainting. This is a serious condition.

Cellulitis – Treatment Principle

Poor treatment of Pitha treatment protocol design and Raktha blood should always be kept in mind. Lubrication or Oleshn is strictly prohibited by Ayurvedic Classic due to strict neural tendencies. According to the intensive change when Susruta, the treatment should be as painful or vrina.

Generally Tikta (wormwood) should be used in the treatment of cellulite drugs with flavors. Ayurvedic treatment makes the urban body environment an environment for the development of bacteria. Also this gives special relaxation to different bacteria preventing so tomorrow, causing this cellulite.

Cellulitis – Treatment Procedures


Lengapan says the body that the program is ready is Langhana. Drugs of light (Ushna), Pingt (Tiksn), Bisad, dry (mars), Sukshma, Ra (live), spread (hole) and hard (Katina) Lgna body effects can be divided into two general Elanjian, Elanjian precision process (Clean) and reduce or make Lngene obsessively.

Physical Activity Langhana This Lngapan body is a job by increasing body density by reducing the amount of fluid and body tissue. Nutrition now produces a lack of Lngna tissue.

Following the basic method of Langhana:
Increasing nutrition addiction stimulates diet and exercise, such as the digestive and fire defense methods and or by various activities, increasing the speed of the normal work of the cell.


Rukshana: These actions and formulas that are dry, light, thick in nature. They tend to dry the body, absorb excess fluid levels. They are mainly spicy or caustic, worn or Tiktha tough or Casaya flavors.

Rktavseka: The equation of the disease where blood conditions are considered in the case of sudden relief in case. This process is considered the most important and the whole treatment of Visharpa in this disease by all theses.

Pygmy: The vomiting is made by appropriate herbs and especially Selyulaitis useful for reducing excess fluid levels.

Virechana or Purgation: Very effective blood or semolond gutters utilizing humor and turmoil back to the right establishment to cool down.

Pradeha: Apply purified paste or delivery out of purifying methods after Prdha. Prada should be applied often, the first implementation must be removed and a new process should be. The application should not be thick or thin. But the only case should be the thickness of Kfja Visharpa, Prde. The time removed the debris should not be reintroduced..

Dhara or Pouring of medicinal liquids: Depending on medicinal fluid symptoms or lose weight, the part is beneficial on the basis of Awsdhikrit milk (latex astringency), influenced for part herbal decoction or hot herbal decoction. Within hours of procedure pain, meeting, and hives can be reduced.

DOs & DON’Ts with Cellulitis


  • Rasa (Taste) – It is advisable to take food with Bitter or Tiktha, Sweet or Madhura tastes.
  • Cereals such as old wheat and red rice (Not newly harvested) are good.  Pulses like green gram is good. Fruits such as grapes, goose berry, and lemon are useful.


  • Rasa or Taste – Sour or Amla, Salt or Lavana, Spicy or Katu are contra indicated. Garlic, horse gram, black gram and sesame seeds are contra indicated. Curd is also contra indicated.
  • Activities – Exercise, sleep during day time, sexual activities, anger and sorrow are to be avoided.