There is a pathological condition in Albuminuria, which is in urine albumin. It is a type of protintiria



Heavy white foam in urine.


A sample of a urine amount to measure the amount can be measured by collecting 24-hour urine protein by sktrpoling.


Kidneys do not usually have large questions in urine Chhante, so Albuminuria can be an indicator of kidney damage. This is a serious diabetes patient, especially there is 1 diabetes.

Causes of albuminuria can be discriminated between by the amount of protein excreted

  • The nephrotic syndrome usually results in the excretion of about 3.0 to 3.5 grams per 24 hours
  • Nephrotic syndrome results in far less albuminuria.
  • Microalbuminuria (between 30 and 300 mg/24h,[1] mg/l of urine[2] or µg/mg of creatinine[3]) can be a forerunner of diabetic nephropa66thy.


A corticostoroid patient Imunospresiv intoxicants in allopathic, good cause is unknown, the area of ​​disease treatment and treatment, which temporarily decreased the excretion of proteins in urine and hang life, it is a related administration administration. To prevent proteinuria, but the treatment after the release of the proteinuria will be complete. Drugs can sometimes cause damage to the kidneys and more. In Ayurveda, we try to dig up due to the basic cause of treatment, and only after one time, do not try to pressure only pressure, steroid therapy. However, often a resurgence is a special characteristic of Nefrootik Syndrome. Therefore, long-term durable results and Nefrootik syndrome may not be allopathic treatment.
Ayurveda Pitta is the situation in which the body believes in deviation of guilt and it is used to treat various drinks common drugs. Ayurvedic treatment, taking into account, a traditional treatment and image India, on the principle of the balance of the patient’s condition and the targeted symptoms to make it.